Larysa of DIDIO Celebrity fitness trainer Three Tips to keep your feet Fit


Despite his training can start in your head, which actually begins with the foots! Unfortunately, pain and discomfort can wreak havoc on your body and workout schedule. No need to worry! To help you stay on schedule and feel better, I have identified the problems in the most common feet 3 and what you can do about it:

  1. plantar fasciitis (heel pain), a problem very common that creates a lot of pain, it is the inflammation of the tissue that runs from the heel to the toe usually caused by muscle imbalance and rigidity of muscles at the back of the leg. stretch goal, recording the foot and the use of a supporting device, orthotics and supportive footwear can help relieve pain and help it heal.
  2. fallen arches are also quite common and painful. structural deformity caused by injury, arthritis or imbalances can cause the arch to lower. The best protocol is the use of orthopedic shoes and support.
  3. Achilles tendonitis, another painful issue that is characterized by inflammation of the tendon that attaches to the heel bone, usually caused by overtraining, no heating or previous injury. sections destination, heel lifts, orthotics and possibly anti-inflammatory drugs can help control the pain and heal the area.

In general, the best way to keep your feet in shape is to prevent injury! Most people are injured when their shoes do not fit properly or when they walk for long periods of time in the shoes of poor quality, further supporting the importance of appropriate use proper footwear, which is supportive and comfortable. Aetrex is one of my favorite brands because their shoes are made with the support and orthopedic foam cushions memory. Not only are their boots are very comfortable berries and bearing faces, but can stay active in these boots all day arch pain or blisters. I also love the RX Aetrex runners because stability in the back and front is fantastic without compromising comfort. The most important practice is to find a shoe that fits you … and keep looking until you do. Both feet and body will thank you!

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