How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Fast: Best Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odour Fast: Best Home Remedies

The human body can produce different smells and is a perfectly natural condition. When we sweat, we smell different. When we woke up, we could have a bad breath. All these odors are caused by different types of bacteria that exist in our bodies and the surface of the skin. These scents are very easy to remove through proper hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth or shower. What needs to be done, however, if you notice an unusual odor in the vaginal area? By eliminating this smell is not as simple as getting rid of bad breath. The vagina is not an organ of easy access and odor can be caused by factors that are relatively difficult to remove.

Your vagina almost always has some sort of smell. Nature has designed this way in order to attract males and to continue playing. Most of the time this is not even perceptible for you or for your partner smell, but sometimes it can become a bad smell that some women describe as metallic, moisture or even ‘fish’. This is usually a sign of a bacterial imbalance in the vagina.

Causes of vaginal odor

ETS, BV and candidiasis

If the smell of your vaginal area accompanied by irritation, itching, sensation or abnormal flow burning, it is likely It is suffering from a bacterial infection (bacterial vaginosis or BV) or a yeast infection (candidiasis). It can also be a symptom of an STD (sexually transmitted disease), so if you have had unprotected sex with a new partner, contact the doctor for a test to help diagnose the cause of the symptoms onset.


The smell of the vagina can also be caused by the use of strong detergents to wash your underwear or by using unsuitable products for cleaning the groin and shaving . All these products should have pH natural pH of the vagina, which is 3.5 to 4.5 was adjusted. You can find many intimate hygiene products designed to keep the pH of your vaginal area balanced so if you suffer from irritation and odor groin, the first step you should take is to change your regular soap for a softer product.


Some women are prone to yeast infections when subjected to treatment with antibiotics. If you take antibiotics and after a few days a foul odor from the vagina or a thick discharge that looks like cottage cheese note, chances are you developed a yeast infection. This does not mean you have to stop taking antibiotics. In fact, it is vital to complete the entire course of treatment to fight the original condition it was prescribed. However, you should try some remedies to restore balance in the vagina.

improper hygiene routine

Bad odor in the vaginal area can be caused following a personal hygiene routine that does not favor this sensitive area. shaven frequent washing with soap, wearing underwear made from natural fabrics, showering too much or not often enough, the inside of the vagina using vaginal douches and prolonged the same pad or tampon can all cause irritation and infections and lead to a bad smell being produced by their intimate areas.


When semen comes in contact with secretions additional you produce during intercourse, which affects the pH balance of the vagina and can lead to a foul odor. Some women may even have an allergic reaction to semen from your partner. Unless you are dealing with a baby, wash the groin after intercourse and let most of the sperm flow out of the vagina. The shorter will remain inside, the less likely an accumulation of bacteria.

How to avoid vaginal odor


In order to prevent vaginal odor, you need to follow a proper intimate hygiene routine. This does not mean that you have to take a shower three times a day. Vaginal odor may be commonly associated with the shower is not enough, but the opposite situation, where wash out all protection with a strong soap and put it out of balance pH can have exactly the same result. Be sure to take a shower once a day and that the intimate area in order to prevent infection yeast dry well.

Avoid douching

Rinse inside the vagina, called vaginal douches, there may be detrimental to the good bacteria that exist in your body and protect the vagina from infection. Even douching with pure water can have a negative influence on the pH and makes you more vulnerable to attack by yeasts and bacteria. Remember that the vagina cleans itself and all you have to do is wash the lips with a product from appropriate pH.

Do not use perfume down there

Perfumes contain alcohol and can irritate and dry the skin if used in sensitive areas. The use of perfumes does not solve the problem of bad odor of the vaginal area. You can only make things worse. If you feel uncomfortable with your vaginal odor, you can use a deodorant intimate during treatment, but not make it a habit. Also, remember that if you are perfectly healthy and do not notice any unusual odor, but still uses the perfumes there just to smell nice for your partner really is weakening the power of their pheromones and it is they who actually turn the opposite sex in.

Cotton Sexy

Your skin needs to breathe in order to remain in a healthy condition. moist environment promotes the development of yeast so you need to make sure that the underwear of choice is made from natural fabrics that draw moisture from the outside. Cotton is the best bet. Today, it is easy to find some very nice cotton underpants that are both attractive and pleasant to the skin once. Keep silk underwear for special occasions, if you want to avoid fungal infections and odor-causing.

Rule Six hours

When it is time to change the pad or keyboard on a regular basis and do not use the same buffer for more than six hours. While it is not healthy for the walls of the vagina to remove a buffer that has not absorbed enough blood and can cause irritation inside the vagina when it comes out, it’s even worse to keep it inside for too long. Bacteria buildup of blood may lead to bacterial vaginosis, which, in turn, cause a foul odor of the vaginal area.


You can boost your immune system by increasing the amount of products that are rich in probiotics. The best is natural, unsweetened yogurt containing lactobacillus, which helps restore the pH balance in your body, including the vagina. You eat a yogurt a day is recommended as a method for preventing fungal infections. You should have two or three a day when fighting a fungal infection that causes the smell of the vaginal area.

Clean the toilet seat

Avoid contact with the toilet seat when a public bath is used. At home, clean the toilet seat regularly with an antiseptic product. toilet seats are filled with bacteria and unless they are cleaned regularly, can carry bacteria on the skin and in the vagina.

Safe Sex

Every time you have sex with a new partner, use condoms to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases, as well as fungal and bacterial infections. If you notice that after having sex with their stable partner feel some changes in discharge or odor from the vagina, it may be too sensitive to his semen and should consider using a condom.

How to get rid of vaginal odor

plain yogurt

plain yogurt contains high levels of lactobacilli bacteria that helps fight infections in the vagina. To get rid of vaginal odor, you should eat two or three natural yogurts a day in order to restore the pH balance in the vagina. You can also apply yogurt directly inside. The easiest way is to soak a tampon in yogurt clean for 5 minutes and insert it into the vagina. It is left for two or three hours and pull it out. Repeat this procedure twice daily for four to five days to obtain significant results.

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is often used to fight skin infections. It may be, however, too hard on the soft skin of the groin and vagina. If you want to balance the pH in the vagina by using vinegar, the best way to do this is by drinking it. Make a solution of 1 cup of water and two tablespoons of vinegar. Drink 3-4 times a day and get quick results in the fight against vaginal odor.

boric acid supplement

Another remedy that can be used to restore the safe pH in your vagina is boric acid. Again, due to its high level of acidity, which is not suitable for direct application to the affected area unless you choose special suppositories. They help inhibit the growth of bacteria by reducing the alkalinity of the environment in your vagina. You can use them not only when fighting against odor, but also throughout the period to prevent the passage of blood from the change in pH of the vagina.

Vitamin C

While vitamin C not directly fight infections by bacteria or fungi that cause vaginal odor, its supplementation is highly recommended if you suffer from candidiasis or bacterial vaginosis. Vitamin C stimulates the immune system and helps the body fight infections faster. You can take vitamin C tablets or increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin C, like citrus, strawberries, red and green peppers, kale, broccoli, pineapple and kiwi. Citrus fruits also help restore the acidic environment in the vagina.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Because of its antifungal and antibacterial, baking soda is a very effective home remedy vaginal odor. Add half cup of soda bath and soak your body for 20 minutes, then dry with a towel. Baking soda bath gives the additional effect of soft and soothing skin exfoliation. Killed two birds with one stone.

tea tree oil

Like boric acid, tea tree oil can help get rid of vaginal odor, but may be too harsh on the skin. It must be diluted with olive oil or water, apply a cotton ball in the solution and apply it on the lips. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Repeat three times daily for 4 days in order to reduce symptoms of the infection and to get rid of foul odor.


eating these fruits has so many benefits for the urinary tract and vagina that seems to have been created for women. Blueberries have antifungal and antibacterial properties thanks to a high level of vitamin C to strengthen the urinary tract. blueberries supplements to women suffering from various conditions female organs and can even cure bladder infection is recommended.

If you want to fight vaginal odor, you should eat 200 g of blueberries a day or drink four or five glasses of cranberry juice. If you are not a fan of the bitter taste, you can choose to take cranberry supplements available in many pharmacies and health food stores.


Turmeric is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in antibacterial products for the skin. When turmeric to the food you eat is added, it becomes easier for your body to fight bacteria that cause vaginal infection and odor of your intimate areas. If you want to get fast results using turmeric as a home remedy for vaginal odor, prepare a solution of 1 cup milk and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Mix well, let it warm up and drink three to four times a day. If you do not like the taste of turmeric, you can add a teaspoon of organic honey in the solution. Boost honey antibacterial and antifungal properties of this home


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