Home remedies for delay periods

Home remedies for delay periods ;

irregular menstrual periods have become very common these days for a lot delas women of reproductive age and suffer great agonies when his periodono reaches weather. A delay of 4-5 days may be fine, but if it is greater than 8days, then it is certainly a cause for concern.

late period
Worrying on a late period will not help!

Irregular menstruation may be due to several causes. You can habersubdesarrollo or congestion of the genital organs. constitutional diseases, suchas anemia, tuberculosis and chronic malaria, including some comúnmenteresponsable diseases also cause scanty menses in women suffer prolonged endocrine intervals.Sometrastornos, such as hypothyroidism, toxic goiter, polycystic ovary syndrome / SOP yotros hormonal disorders. Best for those bothered by laproblema of and delayed irregular periods seríaconsultar a gynecologist who, after the full review, You can find out the cause ytratarlo accordingly.

woman worried about a delayed period

After determining the cause of your irregular menstruation, can intentaralgunos of these effective home remedies. Pregnancy is also the cause of a missed period / afternoon. So it is possible that deseetomar a pregnancy test before trying these remedies.


* unripe green papaya it is also useful if a delay period or delay. Cut a few pieces of raw papaya ycomer half a plate of these pieces or otherwise can make a simple salad papayay have it. However, if you can not get green papaya, you can settle lalas also mature, but the greens are more effective.

Aloe vera
* Consuming aloe vera juice is found to be highly effective when you have unaproblema of irregular periods. One should begin to have half a glass of aloe purojugo fasting once in the morning and another half glass in elnoche. See this article if deseaconocer the manufacturing process fresh aloe juice at home. However, instead dela addition of any fruit juice as suggested in this article, add aella only pure water.

If you juice fresh aloe regularly is a hassle for you and you have a montónde aloe plants growing in the home, it is possible to prepare aloe-azúcarjarabe of to store for 1-2 months. For that you have to extract the juice from the leaves of plants aloede aloe and mixed with almost equal amounts of sugar ypreparar a mixture of boiling syrup over a low flame. When the mixture is cooled, store in a glass bottle. Have 1-2 tablespoons of this syrup regularly Primera Hora morning. Alternatively, you can buy organic aloe vera juice on the market (aloe vera juice Baba Ramdev is also good) and have regularly twice a day as mentioned above.

* Another way is to pick up some gel of fresh aloe (excluding the yellow part) and mixed with a little brown sugar (Gud) and have regularly with the stomach vacíopor the morning and once again at night.

Til (sesame) and Jaggery / Molasses

The consumption of sesame seeds in the second half of the cycle which is in the luteal LAFASE (aprroximately after day 14, if yours is a cycle of 28 days) can ayudarregular cycle, helping to balance their seeds are full of hormones.Sesamelignanos, which block excess estrogens. They also contain fatty acids esencialesque promote optimal hormone production. In the Ayurvedic language, brown sugar is considered a hot food and therefore is útilen bring on a period. In addition, it is rich in iron and help with anemiatambién; good for those who have little also periods. Both sesame and jaggery contienencalcio; sesame, in particular has a high calcium content and at tantoayuda with premenstrual syndrome also. Black sesame seeds have more calcium and nutritional mejorvalor; so these are highly preferred. But even seeds sesame blancova to do.

* An old folk remedy recommends chew and swallow a tablespoon sesame seeds 2 weeks before the expected date of menstruation can bring on a period background on time.
* A decoction of cumin (Jeera) and sesame (sesame) (TIL) seeds, sweetened with brown sugar helps compensarmenstruación. Add 1 tablespoon each of Jeera and Til water and boil until elel water is reduced to three quarters. Add a little brown sugar to taste. Alternatively, you could try Til (sesame) ladoos (see recipe here ) 1 and have such Ladoo, the first thing in the morning, followed by half unavaso cow’s milk .
* If you do not want to eat laddoos seasame, you can dry roast desemillas 11/2 tablespoons sesame mixed with dust brown sugar / molasses and about 2 teaspoons tenerlodurante their luteal phase.
* Take equal amounts of Til (sesame seeds), Pippali ( long pepper ), Black Pepper, Dried ginger ANAD Bharangi (see information on Bharangi here ). All these can be purchased at an ayurvedic pharmacy. Dust them and almacenarloen a bottle. Have 1 teaspoon of this powder with brown sugar 2 times daily, the Primera Hora in the morning on an empty stomach and one in the evening.

* If you have sugar cravings during the luteal phase, which is more common, eating a piece of brown sugar or a spoonful of molasses instead of gorging on dulcesayudará. Jaggery also releases endorphins, hormones of happiness that ayudarána deal with the mood swings of PMS and as mentioned above shows the contents of calciotrabaja for your benefit during PMS.

Amla (gooseberry India)

Chew fresh and ripe currants India (Amla) Early morning. If frescaqueridos are not available, you can make do with Amla juice also. Take 3 teaspoons of amla dejugo and mixed with 3 teaspoons of honey and have it. You can use juice AmlaPatanjali Baba Ramdev pharmacy or any other organic Amla juice as this . Do not eat anything for at least one horadespués this. Since fresh Amla is not available at all times, you can use Amla powder secaen too. It is readily available at any ayurvedic pharmacy. Mix 3 grams dry amla powder with water or honey and have it at night after dinner.The regular intake of Amla removes toxins from the blood, helps in the formation of rojocorpúsculos color of blood, relieves urinary problems and help menstrual irregular.Pruebe this for 2 months at least and you will notice the difference. Is sentirámás young and full of energy as well.

Fenugreek (Methi)

Soaking 1 ½ teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi) in water the night before and elmañana you can see that swell. Having regularly with the alternative vacío.Como stomach, you can try fenugreek tea. You can use fenugreek seeds soaked duranteeste prupose too. Boil a cup of water and add 1 ½ teaspoon fenugreek seeds and dejarhervir simmered. When water is reduced to three quarters, shutting down the fuegoy have it in sips when it is hot enough. You can add brown sugar ( Amazon ) / molasses / jaggery ( Amazon ) to taste if desired. I have estote fenugreek twice daily, once on an empty stomach and once in the evening antesir to bed.
tea fenugreek is especially useful for those who are bothered by SOP / SOP problems because it helps normalize levels of blood sugar. If you plan to take fenogrecosemillas in the morning or fenugreek tea it is not viable for you, you can tomarlouna time in the afternoon by mixing a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds powder (buy here ) in a glass fine butter serum.

having it fenugreek helps solve menstrual problems, including irregular and tardíaperíodos and leucorrhoea or white discharge. It also reduces swelling inthe uterus and uterine vessels clean.


dolicho is tambiénHurali called in Kannada and Kulith in Konkani / Marathi. Eating dishes quetienen dolicho (Kulath) may also carry out his term as dólicocree that the food it produces heat, according to Ayurveda. It is also good paradiabéticos. Can have dolicho Saar (soup) (See recipe here and here ) or the chutney or dosa .

Drumstick leaves are also beneficial in case of delayed or late periods. UNsemana before their waiting period; try to eat dishes made with ramrod (Sahijan). Sabjis plates and sheets made of drumsticks are especialmenterecomendado. drumstick leaves also have enormous medicinal uses. Read this post . (See also Care beauty with skin and if drumstick leaves ). To induce a period of time, you can intentareste old folk remedy. 3-4 days before the date set for the period, take the tender leaves of drumstick (1 to 2 tablespoons), flower petals (arka Ekkada huvu in Kannada) (2-3 only petals) and ground parahacer one pasta. Add a little brown sugar to it and consume up to superíodo. (Flowers and leaves Arka should not be taken in large quantities, as they can induce vomiting. If you are concerned, better go the Arka flower and use the leaves of drumstick paste only.)

Now the scientific name of the flower is Arka Calotropis gigantea . EnTamil, which is called as Erukku. Read more about this in Wikipedia . Now, most of you are familiar with wreath you delas leaves is used to decorate the idols of Lord Hanuman. These are sheets Arkaflor. Now I’m sure you can recognize this plant. Garlands made Arkaflor also used to decorate vigrahas of Lord Ganesha. Arka plétorade plant has medicinal uses. However, it is not be consumed by pregnant women because essupone to induce abortion.

ekkada hoovu

Other herbal remedies to address irregular menstruation
* make a decoction of the aerial roots of banyan and consume cow’s milk mediavaso at bedtime for at least 3 menstrual cycles.
* Take a decoction of the roots of bitter gourd (Karela) at leasttwo times a day; this usually makes the starting period.
* Saunf (Fennel) seeds have also been found to be useful in menstrual irregularities.
* Boil the roots of the fig tree (Anjeer) and take the decoction filtered to unapocas weeks to normalize the cycle.
* A small cup of decoction prepared from the leaves or seeds of cilantro (Cilantro) three times a day is found to be useful in regulating the cycle menstrual.
* a cup of grape juice daily is also believed to bring laciclo menstrual regularity.
* Take a teaspoon of radish seeds and ground with water to make a multapegar. Mix this paste with a cup of Whey and drink
* In scanty menses :. Drink a decoction of Indian madder roots Manjistha / to unaes say, the whole cycle every day to correct anemia , if any and establish a healthy flow of menstrual blood. [ManjisthaestádisponibleencualquierfarmaciaayurvédicaenlaIndiaTambiénpuedecomprarenAmazon- Manjistha powdered root Wildcrafted – Rubia cordifolia, 1lb, (Bazaar of India) ]
* Eating raw carrots also stimulate menstruation. A week before menstruation comer1-2 carrots regularly.
* For irregular menstruation, make a hot infusion of neem bark and have a cup by lamañana, noon and evening until cure.

Pranayama and Yoga for treating irregular periods
* Practice KapalabhatiPranayam for 15-20 minutes each time, twice a day helps regulate and laciclo also it relieves other disorders of the reproductive system. agnisaraKriya is another practice that such assistance.

* Padahastana is a yoga pose that a being of great help in making regular superíodos. For more information about this asana, read estepublicación and see the video here .Other positions that help are Trikonasana (triángulopose) supta Baddhakonasana, Titliasana (the mariposapose) Shalabhasana (locust pose) Bhujangasana (the serpientepose) Malasana etc. Sun Salutation (sun salutation pose) also helps enormously. However, all these asanas have to be learned under unaGuru competent Yoga and not retried in his own

: Mudras.
Along with yoga and pranayama, performing certain mudras / hand gestures seTambién help. Now mudras mentioned below are not specifically for irregular operíodos delayed. But they help in the overall health of reproductivoy health issues other women system. These are: Yoni Mudra, Mudra Apana Vayu mudra, mudra Sancha, Sahaja Shanka Mudra, Mudra and Mudra Surabhi Shakti. Make each ofthese mudras for 10 minutes every day and get rid of all sorts of problems menstrualesincluyendo irregular, late and scanty menses.

You can search YouTube videos of these mudras.

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