Some natural cures for bacterial vaginosis

Some natural cures for bacterial vaginosis ;

The impact of condition one out of three women, so it is more typical yeast infections bacterial vaginosis However often It causes no significant signs, leaving a lot of women do not know they have it.

Bacterial vaginosis increases the chances of getting another disease sexual sent a woman. A female with BV have an increased susceptibility to chlamydia, herpes simplex virus and gonorrhea. And if a woman has BV, and she is exposed to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), there is an increased sensitivity to HIV. In addition, if a woman has both BV and HIV, this increases the threat that HIV will pass to his teammate.

constantly wipe from front to back after using the bathroom. is a bacterium that remains in the stool. Defecation, feces may be around the anal area. Wiping from back to front, it can contaminate the area of ​​the vagina and bring into the vagina itself. The researchers examined the ability of G. vaginalis break the mucus, which normally helps protect the area of ​​the vagina and uterus infection.

A change in sexual partner can sometimes cause a break BV. Due to the fact that the level of sperm is alkaline pH and alkalinity level differs from individual to individual, ie. If his new partner has a very alkaline pH level, this may tilt the level of acidity usually heals in the vaginal area to alkaline, which can encourage the growth of dangerous germs. For that reason, if symptoms are worse after intercourse and would like to understand how to relieve symptoms of bacterial vaginosis naturally, then using a condom, while things settle is a good idea.

Bacterial vaginosis is typical with an estimated 29% of all women who deal with this time in your life. Some women have really tried to cure your self with over-the-counter treatments for yeast infection. This is another typical mistake that I become aware. In young women, or streptococcus bacteria from the anus because none sanitary cleaning after defecation can cause bacterial vaginosis.

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