Low fat is slowly killing you and make you fat!


The American diet had a problem because foods high in fat is what Dr. Koop announced.

Americans suffering from a new epidemic of heart disease in the 1950s because they ate more fat than their ancestors Ancel Keys is discovered in your research.

Mr. Taubes (correspondent for Science magazine) noted two problems with this theory, he explains in his book. The first is that it was not clear that traditional diets were especially lean. That the ancient hunter-gatherers had higher proportion of fat Western diet. And the second is that there are more cases reported to have heart disease, but that was not sure epidemic of heart disease.

To prove his theory Dr. Keys in comparison diets and heart disease rates in the United States, Japan and four other countries, and it became clear that most fat correlated with the disease. But Dr. Keys, after three years made another investigation, the association changed its position. It was stated that “the best scientific evidence of the time ‘justified containing less of the high risk of heart disease fat.

Why low fat is killing?

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1. Low fat often means high blood sugar

In order to make the low fat product, food companies are adding chemicals and fat to keep replacing textures and flavors similar to the original product. (Gums, maltodextrin, starch, modified food starch, inulin etc.)

2. It can lead to cardiovascular problems

High levels of high density lipoprotein is known as the ‘good’ ‘cholesterol’ will reduce your risk of heart disease. low-fat diet lowers HDL, which means that it will

3.It causes hormonal imbalances

Many of the most important hormones are made from cholesterol. Cholesterol also boost your immune system, and will build the brain and nerve tissue.

4. It causes weight gain

initiative of women’s health was discovered that 50,000 women with low-fat diets did not lose any weight. The low-fat (skim milk powder, margarine) have high amount of calories, carbohydrates, sugar and processed flour that will actually lead to weight gain.

5. It can cause depression and anxiety

going to damage your brain if you are not eating the right kind of fat. Over 60% of brain consists of fat, and most cells are composed of cholesterol.


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The low-fat post is killing slowly and make you fat! It first appeared in My Health Central.

Source / reference : http://www.mycentralhealth.com/low-fat-is-slowly-killing-you-and-making-you-fat-recipe/

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