Lose up to 15 kg in 21 days, this drink will cleanse toxins and excess fat from your body!

Lose Up To 15 kg In 21 Days, This Drink Will Cleanse Toxins and Excess Fat From Your Body!

Over a period of 70 years, the average person consumes 100 tons of food and drinks about 40,000 gallons of fluids. That means that this amount is passing through the intestines and there are about 15 kg of toxic waste and fecal deposits that accumulate in the stomach. This amount will cause irreparable damage to the body and poisons from the blood.

Indications that the intestines are dirty are: frequent constipation, excessive or insufficient weight, diabetes, impaired metabolism, kidney and liver disease, impaired hearing and vision, weak nails and hair. But also, there is possibility of other diseases such as arthritis or even cancer.

One solution is enema. In this way, only a small part of the colon is cleared, about 40 to 50 cm and this treatment also requires special equipment that is very expensive and this method protracted.Unfortunately intestinal lavage is not safe for the intestinal microflora.

“Kefir” is a natural drink that is much safer than any other solution.

is proven that 1 to 3 tablespoons flax seed meal, probably can completely clean the colon and small intestine. In a period of three weeks, parasites, mucus and fecal plaque will be cleaned and intestinal microflora is fully preserved.

Another good thing is, this method also normalizes your weight and burn fat. flax seed flour absorbs and eliminates toxins in your body. Another good thing is that the level of cholesterol in the blood is regulated and lipid metabolism are also regulated.

This special drink will also help if you suffer from gastric ulcer, duodenal cancer, colitis, gastritis, obesity, diseases of the urinary tract, pyelonephritis or disturbed metabolism.

In a period of 3 weeks as a substitute for breakfast, consume this mixture:

100 ml of kefir mixed with 1 tablespoon flour flaxseed

100 ml of kefir mixed with 2 tablespoons flour, flax seed

150 ml of kefir mixed with 3 tablespoons flour linseed

flour linseed place you can also buy flax seeds and ground.

Consume this mixture cool, and do not make provisions for the coming days.

should also drink two to three liters of water every day

This drink can be consumed once a year..

Try it and see less than 15 kg on the scale at 21 days. Is not it great?


Source / reference : http://www.mycentralhealth.com/lose-15-kg-21-days-drink-will-cleanse-toxins-excess-fat-body/

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