How I lost 31 pounds without exercise in 4 weeks with this powerful new formula slimming

The businessman named Dave Asprey, shared with the audience that this mixture coconut oil Nescafe and became a hugely popular months ago:


Try this only once, with at least 2 tablespoons butter, and have nothing else for breakfast. You will experience one of the best mornings of his life, with boundless energy and focus. Is incredible.

This creamy coconut drink Nescafe and is so full of calories that can replace a full meal, and when all the pump energy drink will not be hungry for the next three hours to make!

The secret of this wonderful drink in high concentration of fat contains so besides not feel hungry, it will be full of energy because fat helps effects of caffeine.

There are a lot of different versions of this popular coffee, but we offer the original:

What you need:

– 1 teaspoon Nescafe
– ½ tablespoon cocoa
– 1 dl almond milk
– 1 dl of boiling water
– 1 teaspoon coconut oil


Take your favorite cup, pour the coffee and cocoa and add the boiling water. Whisk this mixture with a coffee machine and then add the hot milk almonds. Finally add a teaspoon of coconut oil.

This cafe will become a wonderful habit and you will lose a lot of pounds by summer.


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