Foods rich in calcium (rich source of calcium)

Foods rich in calcium (rich source of calcium) ;

In this article, we are talking about different foods high in calcium. Calcium is a mineral that is essential to the functioning of our body. This helps in building strong nails, teeth and bones and also helps in nervous movements, muscle relaxation and contraction. It is also excellent for enzymatic and hormonal secretions in the human body.

Calcium deficiency can lead various problems including loss of muscle movement, seizures, nervous disorders, lethargy, loss of appetite too. Therefore, calcium is very useful in our daily diet. Without adequate and proper amount of calcium, there can be a number of health problems.

However, too much calcium can also be harmful to the body. It can cause kidney stones, heart attacks and soft tissue calcification. You can also read this related article potassium-rich foods on our website

benefits of calcium :.

  • Calcium is not formed by our bodies; therefore it is essential to include in the diet. This important and necessary nutrient for our body.
  • Calcium is important for the proper development of teeth and bones. It is very important for children as for adults. In the early 20s, which should be included for proper bone development. During the decade of the 30 it is important because of the slowdown in our bones.
  • Calcium may actually help you stay slim, helping weight loss. So, including your diet with calcium-rich foods will help you stay healthy and fit.
  • is vitally important, especially for women, to have sufficient amounts of vitamin D and calcium due to lack of calcium can cause hormonal imbalance and can also lead to symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • sufficient amount of calcium intake in their diet also helps prevent cancer. It also helps prevent breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer.
  • Most of the consumption of calcium for bones are to be absorbed. However, a proportion of calcium plays an essential role in the nervous and muscular functions also. This is due to the contractions and relaxations nerve and muscle actually help the heart stay healthy and function.

The best foods rich in calcium

1.) soy as calcium-rich foods

soy products like soy beans, soy milk and tofu are some of the best sources of calcium. Eating some seeds of cooked soy containing 175 mg of calcium. You can also add soy in different dishes. Tofu is a good food for people who want to stay fit and slim. Include tofu intake in your daily diet to get enough calcium in your diet infused. soybean seeds also fall into the category of foods rich in calcium. You can include it in their daily specials to increase its quantity and overall wealth of food.

Foods High in Calcium

2.) The okra as foods high in Calcium

Okra is another high calcium ion beneficial food. It is a very common plant loaded with calcium. A cup of okra contains about 175 milligrams of calcium. Therefore, you can make a dish with okra alone and can also make a dish with chicken or any meat. This will help increase the nutritional value of food. So be sure not to over cook them either cook or boil to get enough calcium.

3.) Almonds as calcium-rich foods

Almonds are also a great calcium-rich foods. This is one of the easiest foods you can have at any time of the day. You can use almonds to dress your salads, smoothies or fruit juices to increase the nutritional value of your plate. You can also roast them a bit with a little salt and munch on them. About 100 grams of almonds provides about 264 milligrams of daily calcium intake requirements. You can combine almonds with meat or fish also to help improve the nutritional value of the dish. You can also take the almonds with a glass of milk to give the best infusion and the amount of calcium per day.

4.) Oranges as calcium-rich foods

Oranges are loaded with calcium. You may have to try alone or with some other dish like bread or smoothies. Orange juice can also be a great help for infusion of calcium in their daily diet. Only about 1-2 oranges a day may be beneficial for calcium intake. Half a cup of oranges will give about 50 milligrams of calcium.

5.) Spinach as calcium-rich foods

Green vegetables are should be a part of your regular diet. When we talk about spinach, you know how popeye spinach used to have to get stronger. Likewise, in the way spinach is a good source of calcium. Include spinach in your salads, soups and curries. boiled spinach contains calcium most about 250 milligrams. It is not necessary limited to the soups, milkshakes, but the cabin can be combined with continental dishes as well as pasta to boost other nutrients as well.

6.) Blackstrap molasses as a rich foods

Blackstarp calcium molasses is another great calcium-rich foods. Just one teaspoon of molasses contains about 137 milligrams of calcium. It can be used to make sweetend food. You can also use molasses dishes sugary suger ato instead of sugary white makeup. However, if you are a diabetic patient try to avoid very sugary foods.

7.) Sesame seeds as calcium-rich foods

Sesame seeds have a wide variety of uses in food. You can sprinkle it over and roast a little more chicken or meat dishes. They can also be mixed with vegetables, because they have a very unique flavor. They can also be used as a dressing for various snacks. ½ cup sesame seeds will can meet the need of the day. A half cup comprises about 500 milligrams of calcium. Therefore, start including sesame seeds in your daily meals immediately.

8.) Brazil nuts as foods rich in calcium

Nuts are always crisp and tasty. You can always have a handful of nuts if you are not too worried about the oil content or calories in them. About 10 Brazil nuts can give 90 milligrams of calcium. Nuts are rich in calcium content with several other nutrients.

9.) Celery as calcium-rich foods

celery are great foods high in calcium. About 2 ½ cups provides 85 milligrams of calcium. Celery can be combined, bleached brown breads and consumed as a snack. You can also cook with some other side dish for dinner or dinner. It can be added to salads too.

10.) Broccoli as foods high in calcium

Broccoli is one of the best foods high in calcium. A cup of cooked broccoli will provide about 156 g of calcium. Broccoli are not only a good source of calcium, but are excellent for your health too. If you are on diet, you should try to instill broccoli in your meals. They will help you control your weight and give you the boost daily calcium desirable. If you are on diet then broccoli is a vegetable to eat.

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