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Top 10 of alkaline foods to eat each day to vibrant health

Humans are creatures made to consume alkaline foods that are alkaline organisms in the food chain. You may have heard about the acid used for domestic purposes, but do you know the level of acidity should you get? There are numerous

20 Foods for detoxification diuretic, lose weight and reduce your blood pressure

If you suffer from water retention and high blood pressure to eat foods diuretics may be beneficial. These foods can help get rid of excess fluid in the body that can also be good for weight loss too. Here are 20

Wonder underused plant: 16 amazing health benefits of okra

okra, also called gumbo or a finger of the woman, it is a tall plant, flowering taking place in tropical, subtropical and temperate zones around the world. It has long been appreciated for its green palatable units, which change in a

several times healthier red cabbage Green!

green cabbage consumption is much larger than the red in everyday life. However, it is important to know is that red cabbage gives the body a little more vitamins and minerals than usual. Indeed, red cabbage contains about 6-8 times more

The leaves and stems of broccoli are healthier than the actual flower of broccoli

Children do not like, but certainly know that broccoli is the healthiest plant there . The list of benefits is endless, but do you make any difference between the parts of it? To be more precise, you know which parts are

15 ways to keep diabetes under control

15 ways to keep diabetes under control ; Some of the best ways to keep diabetes under Control include quitting smoking, regularly seeing a dietitian exam feet often, they remain active, keeping your eye health, track your exercise, eating smaller meals

Here’s why you should not Throw Away pickle juice

Once eaten jar of pickles, you probably think water should be poured away. Evil! The pickle juice is not only to maintain the acidity and freshness, but also for several other purposes also useful. After exercise Drink acidic liquid stored in

This new type of plant can cure the most frightening diseases

unusual color of this plant comes from black pigment, which occurs when exposed to sunlight. Black Tomato has great potential to prevent the spread of cancer in the body because it contains anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is an antioxidant that kills cancer cells.

20 ways to strengthen your immune system

20 ways to strengthen your immune system ; Some of the best ways to strengthen your immune system include eating more vegetables, reduce your stress levels, eating more protein, taking walks short every day, larch adding to your diet, change your

Cutting calories to these foods – 8 foods under 40 calories

peppers, cabbage and cauliflower are not only popular foods low in calories, these vegetables are rich in fiber, and they also ! provide numerous health benefits. If one wonders what foods you could eat endlessly without fearing that you would gain

Spinach – One of the healthiest vehicles worldwide

Nutritionists recommend eating more spinach to think faster, improve vision and blood, and also to promote digestion . spinach is one of the most valuable food, which gives strength, protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cataracts, cholesterol … nutritionists call