You probably should not buy cheese. Their cheese is not what it seems

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Therefore, what is “Pulp”, anyway?

Cellulose powder is a common additive for shredded and grated cheese when they are packaged for distribution .

Cellulose is the main component of cell walls of higher plants and one of the most abundant organic compounds on earth. However, the type of cellulose used in production food, it is far from natural and created in a laboratory. The pulp is used to make cellophane, smokeless powder, adhesive bandages, wallpaper paste, and other consumer products. Did you know that our body can not digest cellulose because of the lack of enzymes needed to break down the ingredient? However, cellulose is considered “safe for consumption ‘FDA According to FDA:.”. In humans, virtually 100 percent cellulose orally ingested can be recovered in the faeces within four days, indicating that the absorption does not occur

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“cellulose powder is made by cooking raw plant fiber – usually wood – in various chemicals to separate the cellulose, purified and then subjected modified versions. to further processing, such as those exposed to acid to break down the fiber. “ ~ external link the Wallstreet Journal

Bloomberg ran experiments with grated cheese bought in the store to try the pasta wooden. Products such as “daily essentials grated Parmesan cheese 100% from Jewel-Osco, containing 8.8 percent cellulose. Very good price 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese Wal-Mart Stores Inc. had a 7.8 percent . cellulose Whole Foods 365 brand is not included cellulose as an ingredient, and tested in a 0.3 percent Kraft had a 3.8 percent cellulose. “-. Bloomberg

another problem with grated cheese is that it is very susceptible to mold growth. Cheese in any way begin to die when exposed to air, but with a bag of shredded cheese is simply no way humanly possible to remove air from the bag.

The solution :. Buy organic cheese block and benefit from shredding yourself
Shredding your own cheese is not only healthy, but much more profitable. With a food processor it is fast and easy to do
* Council :. Although it will take a long time, the grated cheese at home and spoil will age faster than the pre-packaged cheese. You may have to freeze your freshly grated cheese in an airtight container in the freezer. shredded cheese freezes well and quickly thawed.

Instructions on how to make your own grated cheese:

1. Cut the desired block of cheese in chunks that will easily pass through the session in the food processor.
2. Use the piston to push the cheese through their union crushing.
3. Empty the shredded cheese in an airtight glass and keep in the fridge for daily use, or split into two containers and save some for another day in the freezer.

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