Breaking: Scientists have just tell women to stop wearing bra immediately. You should see the reasons

National Day Without bra is celebrated on October 13 ap , in order to promote awareness of breast cancer and warn women about the dangers of using a bra. Bra was invented to keep breasts in place, and is an ideal for women with large breasts solution. However, there is evidence suggesting that the fasteners do more harm than good.


Jean Dennis Rouillion a science researcher and professor at the University of Franche-Comte sport conducted a study on the positive and negative side effects of fasteners. The study lasted 15 years and was performed in 330 women aged between 18 and 35 who were wearing a bra from an early age. The results were surprising: bras did nothing to support the chest, lower back pain or prevent sagging. Actually, it was the opposite – wearing a bra makes breasts fallen even more! During the study, women who stopped wearing a bra had a rise of 7 mm on her nipples. Professor Jean says that bras can disrupt circulation, and that girls who do not wear a bra can expect better elasticity due to increased collagen. We know that women wear a bra, because they are not trying to distract people, but getting the bra is actually much better and improve the condition of your breasts.

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