10 Benefits of high garden Beds

10 Benefits of high garden Beds;

10 Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Spring is finally here and this year I am very excited about my garden because I’ll make a raised bed garden for the first time. I’ve been planning this for a while and I’ve been growing some of my plants from seeds. They are all very well and even exceeding their containers waiting for warmer weather. Of the people who live in apartments with patios only people with large backyards, raised beds are very popular! What are the benefits of raised garden beds? raised bed gardens have many advantages!

10 Benefits of raised garden beds

1. It is the perfect way for people with limited time to enjoy a garden space. Some people even put in their courtyards and this works great for plants that do not need much depth of roots, such as lettuce, broccoli, celery or onion.

2. Raised save time because plants are more closely spaced which makes it more difficult for weeds to find space beds, resulting in less time weeding!

3. When you raised beds you get more performance as they put loose and fertile soil in the raised bed.

4. If you have spaced rows efficiently, it allows you to have more space for all your plants. higher performance is obtained in a smaller space!

5. It is easier to water and high crop beds. It is especially great for people who have trouble bending over.

6. The raised bed helps keep some animals out. small animals like rabbits usually do not want to leave the ground and climb up the garden. In addition, it can deter moles and burrowing animals out by lining the bed with hardware cloth or wire mesh.

7. A big plus for raised beds is that the soil gets an excellent drainage.

8. In the spring, the soil in raised beds warms allowing more time before you can plant crops because earlier. You can put your young plants before and not worry so much about the fluctuating weather. This is one of my favorite benefits of raised beds garden because here in the northeast, we have to wait much longer to start planting.

9. Raised beds are narrow and because of this the gardener does not have to walk on the beds. This is very good because it prevents the soil is compacted.

10. Finally, save money raised beds because amendments land not wasted in areas that walking.

steps to make a raised bed

1. Get the tables you need, make sure you do not get treated wood. Many people use the standard 2 x 6 boards placed one above the other so that the bed height of approximately 11 “. If plants that need a little depth of the growing roots, plants must have a total of around 20 “soil when added in a further 12” below the bed. the beds are most often 3 to 5 feet through good access.

2. Depending on what kind of vegetables you are planting, you may want to dig the earth will be under your raised bed (about 2 feet down) so that plants with deep roots can reach nutrients below the ground level . This is also a good idea because you can see what it looks like its soil and rocks or roots if that can be a problem.

3. you may want to align the bed with chicken wire to keep burrowing animals like moles out.

4. Put your raised bed together and add soil and compost, filling the area within inches at the top, make sure it is organic!

Some things to check before you start planting

* Before planting double See depth of the roots of plants, especially if you are putting your raised bed in the areas cement or gravel. If you need more land you can always increase the height of the bed. Some fans are profound; sweet potatoes, tomatoes and winter squash. Lettuce, celery and broccoli are fans shallow.

* Do not forget to check the height that plants grow when arranging plants. You do not want tall plants to shade shorter plants. Find a letter to the height of the popular vehicles here .

Hint: Rounding , which is adding more ground to make a small hill, gives more space for plant beds. The additional area that gets by doing this can give much more square feet and increase their performance.

What kind of garden being planted? It has been found with other benefits of raised garden beds?

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