Remain in balance in this holiday season …


Holidays are here! As a coach IIN health certificate and a busy mom of 6 and 1 year old, have energy and feel good in my body this holiday season is so important. I know that if I go overboard I will feel bloated, exhausted and overwhelmed during the holidays. It is very important to remember that the holidays are only a few days, not months!

* General Tips:
– Maintain reasonable portions
– Avoid foods high in fat, sugar and salt
– Save leftovers / seconds for another day
Holidays they are a few days / events, not months – do not overindulge
– Continue regular exercise routine
– Do not save all your calories for a meal. Start each day with breakfast health and have a healthy snack before the event so too hungry is not presented
– Limit alcohol (stick with wine or vodka if engaged)
.- Slow down and enjoy every bite – allow time for the stomach to tell your brain that you are full. When you shovel your food too fast, your stomach has time to realize that it is full, leading to eat in massive excess.

The holidays are fun and enjoy good company. You do not need to over drink or overeat to enjoy. You do not have to avoid social situations. You can participate in a reasonable manner and still be part of the festivities. With a little self-control you can have fun and feel good this season.

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