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Follow this strategy for guaranteed weight loss

weight loss efforts really pay off to go beyond a fad diet and the occasional exercise time when. proper planning and a strong determination beyond illusions is required. You have probably reached the most complex plans weight loss actually make the

Wearing socks to improve your foot health

Although it is almost summer and many of us will be wearing sandals since quite some time, many of us still have to wear sneakers for exercise or work. It is important to remember that socks are important accessories for foot

What is causing your ball foot pain?

metatarsalgia is a general term used to denote a painful foot condition in the metatarsal region of the foot (the area just before the toes, more commonly known as)-of-the-foot ball. This is a common disorder of the foot that can affect

How to get skinny fast?

How to get skinny fast? ; In this article, we will guide to get skinny fast. If you want to lose weight and get skinny then you should know about your body type. Knowing your body type will help you determine