21 Days of herbs – Day 19 – Healing nettle sting

21 Days of herbs – Day 19 – Healing nettle sting ;


Yes, stinging nettle.

No, I’m not crazy to suggest you use it as an amazing herbal remedy with more uses than I can cover in one blog post.

Ortiga ( Urtica dioica Urtica urens ) is a famous by the prostate gland tonic and an old folk remedy for gout, anemia, problems menstrual, hay fever, skin issues, exhaustion … and the list goes on.

In ancient Rome and Greece, nettle was used to make cloth, as well as its medicinal uses. Both companies grew nettles as a cash crop.

Cultivation nettle

As you may have already discovered running on it (an experience you will not forget) grows nettle in the fields and along the banks of streams and rivers. He loves moist, rich soil and some shade. If you have a shady spot in your garden that drains semi-well and is out of the way so you (or your pets) will not stay in it and feel the sting, you can grow nettle.

Although it does not sound like something you want in your garden, if you are serious about using herbal medicines that can really grow. Just wear gloves to harvest and manage their nettle leaves and you will not have a problem. Once the crop of leaves and dry, heat or boil or mash, the bite is gone.

Medicinal uses nettle

nettle is full of calcium, iron, protein, potassium, formic acid, acetylcholine, sulfur, beta-carotene, vitamin K and flavonoids. Most herbal remedies used the leaf, root, and seeds. Is one of the best tonic herbs can be found and can be used for:

● aches and pains in the joints (including children)
● allergies and hay fever (nettle has strong antihistamine properties )
● liver cleansing and giving the immune system a boost
● support for the reproductive system in men and women
● a general all-in tonic around to boost energy and strengthen the body

the use of nettle

once harvest their nettle (young leaves are best), can be used in a variety of ways:

● as steamed “vegetable” with a little olive oil and lemon juice
● leaf tea nettle – is loaded with calcium and has a nice green color, mild flavor
● as a dye support and protect the prostate
● as you would any other green (just make sure you either have steamed, mashed or pureed depth)

I hope I have not scared you out of nettle, it is truly one of the great gifts of mother nature to us. To try it for yourself, here it is a leaf tea easy nettle do and enjoy especially if you have joint pain or if you want a form of nice to get your daily dose of calcium taste:

nettle tea leaf

boiling water
2 parts of nettle leaves (duly prepared by drying or maceration to extract the sting) the top of the green oats
1 part
½ sheet ponytail part
a touch of raw honey

Place the herbs in a glass jar with tight lid (or in your mug if you are making a cup at a time ). Pour the boiling water over the herbs, cover and let them set for 20 to 30 minutes for a good strong tea. Strain the herbs (place the spent herbs in the compost pile), sweeten to taste with raw honey and enjoy.

is a tonic herb nettle so you can drink as much as you like. For painful joints, 3 cups a day for 4 weeks should do the trick. If you are drinking nettle tea to fortify the body only, 2 cups a day should be enough.

Go find a good pair of gardening gloves and pick up some good health – also known as Nettle. If you have no idea where to pick nettle, Mountain Rose Herbs (https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/#139023) is an excellent source of all things nettle leaf (and all other herbs in the recipe nettle leaf tea).

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