Using toothpaste for acne

tooth paste for acne

One of the most common problems that young people aged 12 to 25 from face are break outs skin. Mostly they occur on the face, neck, shoulders and back. Some people may get in the buttocks and thighs as well. These outbreaks can be very painful and uncomfortable to say the least. But when they occur on the face can be embarrassing and take a toll on the confidence of patients. These outbreaks can be as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or worst of all as acne.

How does acne occur?

In contrast to the popular perception, the breakouts are not attributable to poor eating and hygiene habits. It is a condition that has a genetic propensity and is rooted in changes in hormone secretions. These changes occur in times of stress in the body, including periods of growth spurts and puberty and during pregnancy. So cleaning the face or adhere to a strict diet is not likely to improve their condition in the least. If your parents or a family member who suffers from acne, it is likely to be a victim of the disease as well.

This is how acne occurs:

  • The sebaceous glands in the skin secrete oily substance called sebum, which covers the hair shafts and skin to prevent damage and dryness due to exposure to air.
  • is released

  • sebum through pores in the skin.
  • A grain develops when the hormones bind the sebaceous glands in the skin, called sebaceous glands that secrete too much oil.
  • The pores in the epidermis, but are not able to handle the extra oil, which then clogs the pores.
  • The oil gets clogged then remains of old skin to create an obstruction that could be a white dot or a black dot. To be precise, a white point or black point is really an enlarged hair follicle that is clogged with dead skin cells and sebum that bacteria can grow.
  • is common for pimples or whiteheads become inflamed, if not treated, to form a pimple.
  • Sometimes the swelling can occur within the skin causing it to harden to form nodes which in turn lead to infection and acne.

While a grain may be an out of the rash, acne can spread around causing redness, papules and pustules. Acne can cause lifelong scars skin and should be treated as soon as possible.

How to use toothpaste for acne

enthusiasts home remedy and natural remedy all developers swear by toothpaste and its great healing powers for acne. But when it comes to community specialists and medical skin, that are not too enthusiastic about the claims. Look at the facts:

  • The main ingredient is, of course, baking soda that is included in many home remedies zit burst, and is a proven solution for pimples and skin rashes cure.
  • also contains other ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, witch hazel, which are all good drying agents and help reduce inflammation.
  • contains Triclosan, a potent antibacterial agent that is also used in many other products for skin care.
    Many claim that the toothpaste is antibacterial and therefore helps to reduce infection. That assumption is correct to some extent. However, some other ingredients in toothpaste can act as an irritant to sensitive skin and promote and aggravate the symptoms of inflammation and redness. The application of such ingredients on the skin that is already irritated and may have open sores, is inviting trouble.

What dental paste for you

Before you start using toothpaste on your pimples, this is what you need to know:

  • Use ordinary white toothpaste teeth, because it contains ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and Triclosan.
  • Check the content of fluoride in toothpaste. Fluoride can be good for the removal of dental plaque and prevent gum disease, can cause allergies when applied topically and cause a rash. Pick a toothpaste with less fluoride content.
  • Use organic toothpastes, these are less harmful to the skin and most contain very little or no fluoride. They contain all the other ingredients you need to dry up acne.
  • not use toothpaste to whiten teeth because they contain chlorine. They can irritate the skin and aggravate the problem.
  • toothpastes

  • gel containing no drying of the skin and ingredients, does not help their application.
  • Only use toothpastes dermatologist approved.

Using toothpaste to cure acne

Using toothpaste to dry up acne or pimple has been touted as being as good, if not better than many over the counter acne creams available to reduce inflammation, rashes and redness caused by acne or pimples. Over time it can lead to faster healing. He offered the advantage that it is easy and cheap, and you have to admit that everyone uses toothpaste and each house has a pipe in the bathroom.

The process for the application of toothpaste is the following:

  1. Clean your face with warm water to remove oil and dirt and excess pat dry.
  2. ice to the area around the pimple for at least 10 minutes (if you can stand for so long).
  3. squeeze some toothpaste on the fingertip.
  4. Apply directly to the pimple and the area around it.
  5. let it dry.
  6. Leave on for at least 2 hours.
  7. Applies better bedtime, because it gives the paste to work its wonder for several hours.
  8. The Paste impurities removed as it dries and the grain size is reduced.
  9. Use hot water to gently wash the pasta drying skin teeth water.
  10. Pat dry and use a moisturizer to reduce dryness of the skin.
  11. Repeat every other day until the acne shrinks. Then let it heal by itself.

Note : Never use toothpaste all over the skin or as a mask. It is excessively dry skin and cause irritation, peeling and redness.

to use or not use toothpaste

The decision is up to you. Experts agree that it is beneficial, but warn against excessive use of it. Therefore, we suggest you give it a try and if your skin can handle it and the results are good, go ahead and use it, but in moderation.

use it only as an emergency treatment as most common toothpastes contain antibacterial agents needed to treat acne. Therefore, do not make it your regular treatment for acne.

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