Tips and tricks for NATURAL BEAUTY

Tips and tricks for NATURAL BEAUTY;

These tricks are simple, but very effective natural beauty tips that can help us to keep our skin, hair, hands and feet healthy and beautiful without investing large sums of money in commercial cosmetics.
below details of some of these tricks and natural remedies are presented for beauty:

Beauty Tips Cara

Beauty Tip to refresh your face: take a fresh rose petals and then tighten with a little water to form a paste. Apply to face and leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and do not use soap.
Wrinkle Beauty tip: Grate a raw potato and mixed with chamomile tea. Then apply this mixture on the face and neck for 15 minutes and wash with fresh water.
Beauty Punta against pimples: Mix yogurt with lemon and oatmeal and apply on the ground; this is dried and pimples acne.
Beauty A tip for spots on the skin : If you have spots on the skin, the use of pearl shell which must then be sprayed with water to form a paste to be placed in the affected areas.
Beauty Tip to have silky lashes: For silky and long eyelashes, apply with a cotton swab every night, a little olive oil. This oil should stay overnight and must be washed in the morning.
Beauty Tip to revitalize the body: If you feel tired, you can put on a stock exchange or cotton, two tablespoons of thyme ground, two tablespoons of low rosemary and ten fresh mint leaves . Then submerge the sack or bag in the bathtub. It has a greater effect if used in hot water.

Beauty Tips for hair

Beauty Tip to improve the health and appearance of hair: you can develop a shampoo with cider balm 25 g, 50 g of soapwort, 25 g of rosemary and a quart of cider. Let stand for twenty-four hours (24 hours), then filtered and can be used in the hair.

Beauty Tip to detangle the hair: After shampooing, apply conditioner and wrap the hair with foil for 20 minutes. The hair is rinsed with warm water water.
Beauty A tip for oily hair: If the hair is very oily, you should squeeze two lemons and then pour the juice into a bucket of water. Used to rinse hair.
Beauty Trick to moisturize dry hair and make it silky: with a can crush a ripe banana, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and sunflower oil. Then mix well and apply the mask on dry hair. It should be left on the hair for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Then wash your hair as usual.

Beauty Tip to achieve defined curls: should be used egg white on the hair applied especially in the tips.

More Natural beauty Tips

Beauty Tip to remove sagging abdomen, neck and chest to help tone, apply a mixture made CON100 grams of apples and melon liquefied otros100 grams a day. Then let stand about 20 minutes and then massaging the affected areas and, finally, wash.
Beauty Tip to achieve radiant skin: Boil 4 lettuce leaves in water for 10 minutes. After cooling, pass through a sieve and apply it with a cotton swab.
Beauty Tip to harden weak nails: recommend soaking nails every day in a concentrated infusion of horsetail leaves.

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