Make your own “Roots soothing balm” for Headache Relief

When a headache hits, all that sounds remotely nice was lying down, closing you eyes and fall asleep. Unfortunately, more often than not, we’re stuck in traffic, which helps children with homework, he is a grumpy boss, trying to cook dinner, running to catch the bus, etc., etc. when hitting sets in, and lying down is simply not an option. Instead of medicating the same time, carry a small can of this soothing balm headache and rub some on your temples, the back of your neck, or anywhere you feel tense or sore to help alleviate the pain .

Soothing Roots Balm- diy remedy for headache relief.

. Ingredients: peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, beeswax, shea nut oil, grape seed oil

now foods essential oils

Why peppermint oil: peppermint contains menthol and menthol produce a cooling sensation on the skin that, couples with the refreshing aroma helps to relieve tension and resulting tension headaches.

Why eucalyptus oil: fresh and invigorating eucalyptus relieves without causing sleep. Studies have shown the smell increases the activity of brain waves, reducing fatigue. It is rubbed on the muscles, it helps relieve stress and pain.

Why lavender oil: Lavender is also a wonderfully soothing aroma, being used in a number of studies that prove the benefits of aromatherapy. Changes in brain wave patterns for people exposed to the smell suggested a relaxation and the consequent loss of tension in the muscles.

balm base

Why beeswax / shea nut oil / grapeseed oil: All these ingredients are what give your body balm and dilute essential oils. Good and nutritious for the skin, which are easier to obtain than their names suggest! (Grapeseed oil can be found at your local grocery store.)

will …

-15-20 drops of peppermint oil
– 10 drops of lavender oil
-2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil
-1/4 cup of shea nut oil grapeseed oil
-1 tablespoon
-2 tablespoons pills wax / grated beeswax

headache balm ingredients


making your roots balm is easy and takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. In a double boiler over medium heat melt ¼ cup butter walnut oil, 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil, and 2 tablespoons of beeswax pellets or grated beeswax together.

mixing it up

turn off the heat when mixed thoroughly, and add 20 drops of peppermint oil, 10 drops of oil 2-3 drops of lavender and eucalyptus oil. Pour into a small container with a tight lid and allow to cool and solidify.

pouring it
not solidified

Massage a little about your temples, neck, the pressure point between thumb and forefinger, or anywhere you need a little relaxation whenever you’re stressed or headache. Breath deeply.

diy headache remedy

Note: Adding more wax produces a solid balm, while adding more oil produces softer. You can also infuse the oil to give your balm an extra boost.

Have you baked before? I made a batch of brownies or chocolate cookies? If so, I assure you to do this. We are programmed to think that something as “balm” is beyond our reach, but this headache remedy is well within their capabilities. Feel free to adjust the flavor of its roots Balm to be stronger or weaker, depending on your personal preferences.


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