How to treat acne quickly with sea salt (No. 1 and 3 is the best)

sea salt for acne

Acne: Cause and Effect

acne is a result of the skin, characterized by red, swollen and hard skin boils. These painful swellings are the result of excessive accumulation of secretions of the sebaceous glands. Often, due to the lack of adequate washing, the skin pores become clogged with dirt and dead skin flakes of the epidermal layer of the skin. Sebum glands obtain secret and eventually builds up behind these blocked pores, leading to acne. These sebaceous swelling potential act as incubators for bacteria. These bacteria infestations lead to irritability and pain so characteristic of acne.

There are many reasons for the growth of, the primary grain and often noticed between them is adolescence. Acne is a necessary byproduct of menopause among many women worldwide. It is reported that the change of birth control pills or drug lithium cortecosteroids added and can also lead to exponential growth of pimples.

Benefits of Sea Salt

Nature has many virtues that go hand in hand with the pursuit of beauty and the improvement of the external physical health.

  • as an exfoliating agent, sea salt is unparalleled. It is one of the most primary components found in any cosmetic product for washing the face or skin cleansing.
  • A healthy mind is the first step to healthy skin. Besides being a scrub, sea salt is also a fantastic place to reduce stress and psychological distress component. By improving the quality of sleep, sea salt works to get the beauty sleep it deserves.
  • Sea salt works well as a detoxifying substance. The administration of sea salt on the skin will ensure essential elements are removed from the skin, giving it a healthy tint.
  • The granular texture of sea salt, when rubbed against the skin ensures proper blood circulation.

Methods for treating acne with sea salt

There are several ways in which the problem of acne can be easily managed with the help of sea salt. Sea salt can be used alone or in combination with other substances for the desired effect.

Method – 1: Sea salt with water

things needed are:

  • Sea salt
  • Water
  • spray bottle

Take generous amounts of sea salt and mixed with water beyond the solubility. Store this mixture into a spray bottle and lightly spray the mixture on your face. Keep rubbing with a cotton whenever sprayed in the face. Massage in a circular motion before rinsing with water. Repeat the process for a younger and healthier skin.

Method – 2: Sea salt with grapefruit peel

things needed are:

  • Sea Salt
  • Sugar granulated
  • grapefruit juice
  • coconut oil
  • capsule vitamin oil
  • grapefruit peel

this scrub is for people with an oily skin type. Take a bowl and add the granulated sugar, sea salt and grapefruit peel to mix well. In this mixture, add coconut oil and mix until well blended. Add to that the oil capsule Vitamin oil and grapefruit juice and mix well. You can store this mixture and use it to scrub your face.

However, care must be taken to discontinue the use of this scrub if more than two weeks of refrigeration.

-3 Method: Sea salt with almond oil

things needed are:

  • Sea salt
  • Oil almond
  • essential oils (any essential oil will)

This mixture is aimed at people with specific skin types in the rough. In a bowl, take the sea salt and almond oil and mix until the mixture is fine. Add to 25 drops of an essential oil and storing the mixture in a container. It can be used regularly for best results.

Method – 4: Sea salt bath

could also try to make your own bath salt. It will not only be cheaper but healthier because you know exactly what you put into it.

The things you need to prepare a salt bath efficient are:

  • Sea Salt
  • borax
  • White Clay
  • Essential Oil

in a bowl, mix two parts borax with an eighth of sea salt and one-eighth of white clay. Mix well and let this settle. Now, take the essential oil and add several drops of it to the mixture and allow it to settle before it can be used. Note that any essential oil will do. Add four or five tablespoons of this bath salt freshly cooked to your bath water and enjoy an exfoliating experience.

Method – 5: Sea salt with honey

to make a face mask of sea salt and honey, things that are required are:

to make a proper mask, take a part of sea salt and three parts hot water and mix well. Add to that a part honey to make a paste. It applied to the skin, left for 10 minutes before washing thoroughly.

Precautions when sea salt is used on the skin

Sea salt, just like any other salt is granular and rough. the skin peels and flakes of dead skin peels off. However, care must be taken not to rub salt into the skin too hard as it can lead to damage and breakage of the skin. If you are a provision of dry skin, it is not advisable to administer sea salt into the skin without adding a moisturizing component to your mix.

More often than not, acne can be avoided by eating and drinking healthily. Keep away from carbohydrates is a great way to keep away from acne as well. However, the reason for the arrogant growth of adult acne is not hormonal, but stress-related. It is also advisable to pop a pimple hands as leading to multiple growths. Do you find helpful this article? Share with us your experiences acne outbreak and what he did to prevent it.

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