How to lose love handles? | Exercise and diet plan to get rid of excess fat

How to lose love handles? | Exercise and diet plan to get rid of excess fat ;

home remedies to get rid of love handles : You know that excessive abdominal fat having the sides of your lower waist or hips higher perhaps? They called rolls , and often indicate their overall health. They are also known as muffin top or waist cushion – what is called, a harsh reality of it is that it is very difficult to lose. However, with a combination of workout routines and good diet , you can get rid of once and for all. So if you ever wonder in how to lose love handles here are some list of foods and exercises to help you out.

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

How to get rid of love handles?

Exercise and diet plan to lose love handles?

#Method 1: exercises for love handles

oblique press and reach

press and get oblique

1. press oblique and get

for this exercise, you first have to kneel on the right knee with his left outwards place standing in front of you. You have to keep your abdominal muscles tight and your spine straight. Make sure you are maintaining a weight on his left hand and put his arms in such a position that first formed an angle of 90 degrees. Then extend your arms up and place your right hand on the floor of support, while the body bends to the right. Later, use the oblique muscles to pull your torso back and return to the original position (arms should return to 90 degree angle). Do 3 sets of 12-15 on each side.

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straddle forwards bend

Straddle Forward Bend ( turned and Modified)

2. Straddle Forward Bend (rotated and Modified)

first, take a blog on his left hand, turn right and step feet apart, as shown in the image. Your body should be bent forward as the blog between her legs is placed parallel to the floor to the left shoulder which is placed. Turn your chest in the opposite direction, to the right as you extend your arms up. Be sure to keep your hip level. Then repeat this on the other side.

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side plank crunch

Side Table Crunch

3. side Table Crunch

first, lay on the right side, place your arms so that the elbow is compatible with your body . Place your right foot slightly in front of his left foot. Then pull knew right towards the chest and the crisis of his left elbow toward her. Bring back side plank position. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps on each side.

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plank up-downs

Plank Up-Down

4. Up-Down Plank

Enter the position gain table, but this time, with straight arms under her shoulder, palms place on campus to support your body. Squeeze the abs tight ass and spine. Then lower down on your forearm, one after the other. Move back up, one after the other until you reach the starting position. Avoid swinging her hips to try this exercise. Try to make 8 for each side.

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around the wrold oblique

around the world oblique

5. Worldwide oblique

standing, with legs apart, slightly wider than shoulder width. Then extend your arms upward, so you can, you should feel the stretch. And bend your body from the hips and get as far as possible to the right, hips and shoulders square forward. Be sure to keep your knees soft, not lock them up. Repeat 10.08 or each side slowly.

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bicycle crunch

Crunches Bicycle

6. Bicycle crunches

You will need a mat for this. This is as effective as other exercises mentioned above. First, lie on your back. Then lift your legs straight up at an angle of 45 degrees. Maintaining strong muscles of the torso, put your hands on the back of his head. So creak as bring your knees. When the left knee is bent, crunch top right and vice versa. Continue alternating sides, repeat for at least 15 times.

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Knee Drop

knee drop

7. knee drop

lying on his back, abs pulled in tight to his spine. Place a ball in the middle of the knees with your knees bent and raised at an angle of 90 degrees. Squeeze the ball between the legs as he drops to his knees to the left slowly. Then pull back to center and repeat on the other side. Make sure your knee is aligned with your hips and keep the tight ball to help you do it correctly. Make groups of 3 with 8-10 repetitions.

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bosu ball kneeling ab crunch

BOSU Ab Crunch ball knees

8. BOSU ball kneeling Ab Crunch

one bosu ball for this exercise is needed. Place it in front of you, with the side of the ball up. Then place both knees on the ball and place your palms on the floor support. Lift and extend the left leg back, and left arm in front of you. Bring back your hands and knees to the starting position and repeat this with the other side. Make a repeat of 15 in each set you do.

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#Method 2: Plan the basic diet to help you lose love handles

1. Water

water is at it again! Water is the loss component final weight of your body, and it works pretty well for his love also manages, of course, drink plenty of water alone will not make you lose them, but certainly speeds up the process when combined with a few ceremonies. HNBT suggests taking a perfect 3L of water per day.

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2. Lemon water

should do a habit of taking hot lemon water every morning. Not only will eliminate all the toxins in your body, but also the fat especially around your waist area. You can add some honey, but be sure not to add more than one teaspoon.

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3. Fruits and vegetables

What is a diet without fruits and vegetables? Well, not typical, but the fact is that they are the healthiest diet choice one can go for. This time, we are not asking you to include them in your daily diet, rather than make a large part of their diet. Take apples for breakfast, and carrots for snacks. In addition, large portions of broccoli, spinach and pepper for your larger meals.

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4. Exit alcohol

Even if you can not stop smoking, try to reduce your regular alcohol consumption dramatically. The hard truth about alcohol is that they make your stomach bloat when too much is consumed. It also makes your body store fat. Therefore, be sure not drinking no more than twice in a week.

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5. white foods Truck

FYI white foods are foods that are stripped of nutrients and have empty calories that does no good to your body. White foods are sugar, white flour, milk, potatoes and salt. These foods deserve to be eliminated, as only help in storing fat accumulation and cause of waste products in the body.

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How To Lose Love Handles

How to lose love handles?

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