How to get rid of the sinus infection quickly with garlic


Sinus infection will make you bored and down your daily activities to affect your ability to get things done. For those people who are facing this problem, here it is an incredible blocked sinus cure solution.

sinus infection or sinusitis is caused due to the sinuses are small cavities in the skull that are filled with air. Overall, this sinus mucosa occurs and discharge it outside the body that helps keep free nostrils allergies, bacteria, dust and other contaminants to prevent damage to the upper respiratory tract.

is an inflammation of the tissue that lines the cavities and this infection is mainly caused by bacterial infections and if this sinus is blocked, then there will be no free passage of air and this in turn a fungal infection.

Generally, there are two types of sinusitis, namely. Acute sinusitis (lasting 4-6 weeks) and chronic sinusitis (lasting a year or more). You have to experience the pain and pressure while suffering from the sinus infection why, because it blocks the sinus inflammation and mucus trapping air inside.

Allergies, colds, congestion, pain, headache, facial pressure, discolored thick mucus, etc., are some of the symptoms of sinus infection. There are many natural remedies that are widely used to treat this infection. But in that, we know all about the garlic, properties and methods to get rid of sinus infection.

nder for sinus infection:

Garlic is a simple and readily available home remedy that will save you time and money. It is a white tooth color, pungent odor that has many health benefits and beauty. You can also try this home remedy at any point of time, without waiting for an appointment with your doctor to relieve sinus infection.

is garlic Good for sinus infection?

Here are some of his effective properties that help you get a clear idea of ​​how the garlic is used to get rid of the infection.

  • Garlic has certain chemicals that help kill bacteria, viruses or fungal infections. It is used to eliminate bacterial infection and thus destroy infection cure.
  • is a natural antibiotic that helps kill bad bacteria and protects the good bacteria. But make sure that you have to use oil and crushed why, because when raw clove is crushed, then the anti – bacterial, anti – – viral and anti-fungal compound called allicin is activated. This compound is very essential to healing sinus infection with symptoms.
  • has decongestant and expectorant properties that help prevent colds and flu, which are common symptoms of sinus infection.
  • has components flu busting, vitamin C, various enzymes and minerals such as selenium, sulfur, etc., which helps to cure sinus infection by boosting the immune system to fight infection system.
  • Regular consumption of garlic will help in reducing the inflammatory symptoms, strengthening the immune system that eventually helps to eliminate the infection without side effects.
  • have therapeutic properties that are attributed to the active ingredients are present in garlic to get relief from the infection.
  • This contains scordinin, allin (derived from sulfur compound called allicin) and other active ingredients that gives healing properties that help fight bacteria and fungi that cause sinus infection.
  • Scordinin in this Garlic helps to boost the immune system and inhibits the growth of abnormal cells for proper functioning and thus to get rid of the sinus infection.

Using garlic to treat sinus infection

Although no specific data on the recommended dosage of the amount of garlic to be taken for the treatment of sinusitis, but it would be better, if taking 3-5 cloves of garlic a day for at least 10 days. Therefore, here are some methods that explains how to take these garlic to get rid of the sinus infection. All you have to do is follow these methods regularly without interruption.

Method – 1: (Ajo vapor)


  • cloves garlic – 3-5
  • Water
  • Pot
  • wash towel or cloth


  • Take a pot and place it on the stove and heat.
  • Then pour water on it and let it boil for a few minutes.
  • When once it reaches a boil, then add the garlic crush adequately in this boiling water.
  • removes the heat and take a clean towel or wash clothes.
  • Cover your head with the pot in such a way that there should be 2 -. 4 inches away from the head and pot
  • In this case, make sure that you have to cover properly, so that the steam does not escape it.
  • Now it is the time to inhale slowly and deeply to get immediate relief from sinusitis steam.
  • This vaporization process helps thin mucus and clear to get rid of the infection with symptoms.
  • repeat the same process regularly (especially at night for better sleep) to cure sinus infection.

Method – 2: (Garlic with turmeric and water)


  • cloves garlic – 2-4
  • turmeric power – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Water – 1 cup
  • saucepan or pot


  • first instead, take a pan or pot and place it on the stove over low heat.
  • Then pour water in it and boil over medium heat.
  • Add the garlic cloves in the boiling water and boil for another 2 -. 3 minutes
  • Now add turmeric powder in it and stirred well.
  • fire, they pour it into a cup off.
  • have this soup and juice to treat sinus infection.
  • Regular consumption of this garlic -. Drink turmeric certainly will help you completely eliminate the problem of sinusitis

method – 3: (Ajo)



  • take a few cloves of garlic and peel it off the skin.
  • Put them in your mouth and start chewing and eating these teeth completely.
  • Continue to eat as often as possible to get rid of congestion and discomfort caused by it.
  • Make sure that you should not try this on an empty stomach.
  • , or you can simply eat garlic bread, pizzas, soups, use it in sauces, salads, etc. to get rid of sinusitis.
  • The daily consumption of garlic in any of these ways will definitely help cure sinus infection.

Method – 4: (Ajo with tomato juice)


  • Garlic (chopped) – 1 tablespoon
  • tomato juice – 1 cup
  • lemon juice – 1 tablespoon
  • hot sauce – 1/2 teaspoon
  • celery salt – a pinch
  • pan


  • start the process by taking a pan and pour the tomato juice in it.
  • Boil the juice for a few minutes and add all remaining ingredients in it.
  • mix well and simmer for a few minutes.
  • Finally, the fire goes out and pour this hot mixture into a glass.
  • Drink this infusion of garlic tomato juice to get relief from sinus problem.
  • For fast, effective relief from this sinus infection, you have to drink this infusion of garlic hot tomato juice at least twice a day to clean the sinus infection along with their symptoms.

Method – 5: (Ajo inhaler)


  • raw garlic cloves – 4-6
  • Water – 1/2 cup


  • Take raw garlic cloves and place in water.
  • Let it soak for about 7 -. 10 minutes
  • After that, remove from water and crush to make garlic paste well.
  • Then take this paste and keep it near the nose and start breathing taking deep breaths.
  • In most occasions when you are suffering from sinus infection, nose is blocked and you have to breathe deeply to get the smell of garlic in the nose and thereby get some relief from the infection.
  • Or you can try to inhale the odor coming from the paste of garlic, so you can loosen mucus and makes you breathe comfortably.
  • keep doing this process regularly to treat sinus infection completely from the body.

Method – 6: (garlic with honey)


  • cloves garlic – 3-5
  • Honey – 1-2 teaspoons


  • begin the process by taking garlic in a blender or mortar and pestle.
  • Add honey and pounding it to make fine paste.
  • Take this mixture before meals to get relief from sinus infection.
  • regulate the process of taking this garlic -. Honey mixture to completely eliminate the problem

Method – 7: (garlic with honey and olive oil)


  • cloves garlic – 3-4
  • Honey
  • olive oil


  • Take, fresh cloves of raw garlic and crush .
  • Allow to rest for about 15 minutes so that the enzyme allicin is activated.
  • Then add a little honey and olive oil in it.
  • Now the top of a small piece of bread or a cracker, either in the present.
  • have this to get rid of the sinus infection.
  • Regular consumption will definitely help clear the sinus infection, cold and flu.

Method – 8: (garlic with olive oil and sea salt)


  • cloves of raw garlic – 2
  • olive oil
  • sea salt


  • Take raw cloves of garlic and crush after peeling it off.
  • Then add a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt in it.
  • Stir well and have this to get relief from sinus infection.
  • Or you can also grind the garlic cloves to be fine paste and use this instead of crushed cloves to get rid of the problem completely.
  • Regular consumption of this food garlic daily will accelerate the healing time.

Method – 9: (garlic juice)

The garlic juice or oil extracted teeth quality will provide surprising benefits as fresh nail. You can use this garlic juice for treating the common cold to tuberculosis, respiratory problems and other intestinal disorders and relieves bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis.

Instead of buying garlic juice in the shops, you can prepare this at home to grab maximum benefits. For the preparation of this, has two methods ie a cold pressing and another is roasted garlic juice. Cold pressing is made with nails and smelling fresh is to roast roasted garlic cloves. You can select the one you like to do this garlic juice.


  • cloves fresh garlic and better
  • plastic garlic peeler
  • Garlic press
  • fabric muslin
  • coffee strainer
  • airtight glass
  • Spatula


  • Before starting this process, remember that hundreds of garlic cloves are used to make a few ounces of garlic juice.
  • So take garlic and its required amount of juice.
  • I peel it off these teeth with the help of plastic garlic peeler.
  • Then pour these peeled garlic cloves in a blender or food processor.
  • finely mixture for a few minutes to do mash.
  • O can crush directly using a garlic press.
  • Now take a muslin cloth and place this over a bowl.
  • strain the puree of garlic and press the pulp using a spatula to collect the juice to the maximum level of this puree.
  • Or you can use the coffee filter, if you want to filter again to get the pure juice with no pulp in it.
  • After purification is successful, then transfer the garlic juice in an airtight glass.
  • store is properly in the refrigerator and use this as necessary to get rid of the sinus infection.
  • You can use this juice sprinkling on salads or dishes and take them to clear the infection.
  • To replace the garlic juice, then you can substitute 1/2 teaspoon of the garlic juice with 1 teaspoon minced garlic or 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic or 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder.
  • Reusing this garlic juice in your daily diet to get relief from sinus infection.

Method – 10: (water Ajo)


  • Garlic cloves
  • – 2 quarts water
  • Sal


  • take a few cloves of garlic and peel it off the skin.
  • cut it into small cubes and add these pieces of garlic in water.
  • Place water on the stove over medium-low heat.
  • boil for about an hour without disturbing it.
  • After that, this strain of garlic infused water in a cup or container.
  • Add a pinch of salt in it and stir well.
  • SIP garlic this water to get relief from headache, cold and other symptoms of sinus infection with the infection relief.

Method – 11: (garlic oil for sinus infection)

Garlic oil is another form of garlic is used to treat many health and beauty, including sinus infection.


  • cloves of raw garlic (chopped) – 2-3 tablespoons
  • extra virgin olive oil – 1 cup
  • container tight


  • first, take a pan and pour olive oil on it.
  • Then add the garlic cloves crushed or chopped into it.
  • Place the pot on the stove over medium-low heat.
  • let it warm up for a few minutes and then turn off the flame.
  • Wait a few minutes for the oil to cool.
  • Now strain the oil in an airtight container with the help of the strainer.
  • Apply this oil in areas such as around the nose, forehead, chest and neck to get relief from sinusitis.
  • The daily application of the garlic oil will certainly help in clearing the blocked sinus.

Method – 12: (separate Garlic Bread)


  • cloves garlic – 3-4
  • The bread spread like butter or mayonnaise


  • Take cloves of raw garlic and mince it off properly.
  • Add the chopped garlic bread propagation prefer spread butter on bread mayonnaise.
  • Spread evenly over the bread and have this to get rid of the sinus infection.
  • Regulate the process of adding the garlic in the pan and have to get rid of the problem.

Method – 13: (Garlic Dip)


  • Garlic cloves
  • mashed avocado


  • Take cloves of minced garlic and add it to mashed avocado.
  • Stir well to make garlic sauce.
  • have this sauce with garlic bread or bread to get rid of sinusitis.

garlic capsules or pills sinus infection

For people, those who can not tolerate the strong smell of spicy garlic, then you can use gel capsules odorless garlic which are prepared from garlic extract. This helps to relieve sinusitis, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular problems. But make sure that these capsules are purchased from reputable suppliers.

The suggested dose of these garlic pills are 2 capsules per day on a daily basis until completely erased the problem of sinusitis. If possible, always you prefer to use cloves of raw garlic to prevent sinusitis, rather than capsules or tablets.

nder for sinus infection in children:

Sinusitis also affect children by blocking the sinus and nasal passages. However, this infection is low in children compared to adults. Headache, pain around the eyes, shortness of breath, chills, cough, etc., are symptoms that are faced with this sinus infection. If left untreated, then it will lead to many health problems.

Therefore the use of garlic is one of the effective ways which are widely used in cleaning sinusitis. Here are some ways to get rid of the problem.

Method – 1: (Ajo)


  • cloves garlic – 1-2 fresh teeth


  • Take one or two cloves of raw and fresh garlic.
  • biting chew for its juice in the mouth.
  • Or you can use crushed garlic cloves adding it to the soup and get rid of this problem.
  • Or use garlic pills before consulting the doctor to treat the infection.
  • keep doing this process regularly until the infection cleared.

Method – 2: (Ajo Steam Inhalation)


  • Garlic clove – 1
  • tree oil tea
  • eucalyptus oil
  • The boiled water
  • wash towel or cloth


  • Take a large bowl or container and hot water is poured into it.
  • In that water, add crushed clove of garlic, a few drops of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil in it.
  • Stir gently and cover your head and the bowl with a towel so that the steam does not escape from it.
  • inhale the steam as much as possible, but make sure not to put more pressure to inhale the steam as it causes a nasal problem.
  • Do this vaporization process garlic as often as possible, with a maximum of 2 -. 3 times a day to cure sinus infection with symptoms completely

Tips and precautions to be followed while using garlic for sinus infection:

here are some effective tips and some precautions to help keep the sinus infection at bay.

  1. Make sure that you should not give these garlic for children, because it can lead to any health problem (without notice from the doctor).
  2. Include garlic in your diet to improve the flow of mucus in the nostrils which in turn gives relief from sinusitis.
  3. However raw garlic is more successful in the treatment of sinus infection, but can also use garlic powder, paste, capsule or garlic juice in your diet to get rid of the problem.
  4. Do not forget to check if you have allergies or garlic before using garlic to treat sinus infection. If you find any allergic reaction, then it is better to stop taking using this garlic and consult your doctor for the treatment of sinus infection.
  5. However avoid overtaking garlic to prevent some side effects such as burning sensation, bad breath, allergic reactions, skin rashes, respiratory problems, internal bleeding, stomach or intestinal problems, etc. Therefore, consult know herbalist recommended as their health condition dose.
  6. Be sure to consult a doctor immediately, if something went wrong for the treatment to get relief from sinus infection.

garlic All these methods are safe, without side effects. Choose the best one that fits your health and continue regularly that process without any error. They also have a lot of water and hot soups, hot meals to get relief from sinusitis.

This is all about garlic and sinus infection. I hope you liked the article and give you a trial of these methods garlic to relieve himself from the same sinusitis. Or do you know any other remedy for the treatment of this sinus infection? Then do not forget to share your experience with us.

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