10 home remedies for asthma CHILDREN

10 home remedies for asthma CHILDREN;

Childhood asthma, which is similar to the adult, is a very common disease which is caused by inflammation in the lungs and reduces the ability to breathe. In other words, during an asthma attack, the airflow is reduced as the airways become inflamed and swollen. Muscle contractions thick mucus and prevent breathing.
There are a lot of factors that can trigger asthma condition in a child, such as allergies (animal dander, dust, pollen, etc.), irritation (such as strong odors smoke snuff), sudden changes in weather or infections in the respiratory tract (such as the common cold)
A child with this condition presents many complications that inhaling and exhaling or display the following signs of asthma .:
  • wheezing breath
  • in early fatigue during sports
  • Tightness in the chest
  • dry cough
  • constant difficulty of breath

childhood asthma can erode or even disappear as the child grows if proper care is maintained.

Remedies for childhood asthma

Natural Remedy for Children Asthma # 1: pour 2 tablespoons cranberry in a glass of hot water. Mix and let the child drink slowly. This home remedy for asthma reduces signs of asthma such as bronchoconstriction and generating mucus.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 2 : Boil 1 tablespoon previously washed and chopped roots elecampane for 5 minutes. Cover and let cool. This home remedy for asthma can remove secretions from the bronchial tubes, which is a common sign of asthma.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 3 : Pour a handful of sunflower seeds in a liter of water and boil until reduced by half . It is filtered and mixed with honey. Boil until it becomes tender again. Then stored in a sealed glass jar. It is used when no cough scenarios that appear as a sign of asthma. This resource should only be given to children over five years.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 4 : Prepare eucalyptus leaf tea for the child as a form of home remedies for asthma.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 5: Drink plenty of water to clean the bronchial tubes and allow output secretions.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 6: Immerse child forearms (up to elbow) in cold water for a minute. Making this bathroom in the morning when there is asthmatic attack.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 7 : Boil for 5 minutes, 1 sliced ​​onion and then wrap in a clean cotton cloth and apply it on the child’s chest while still warm.

Natural Remedy for childhood asthma # 8 : Pour 2 tablespoons of mullein leaves in 1 cup of boiling water. Cover and allow to cool. Let the child take this home remedy for asthma preparing to strengthen lungs.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 9 : Perform homeopathic remedies indicated for cases of childhood, such as chamomile, iodatum Kalium, Mosco, Nux asthma and Sambucus.

Natural Remedy for Childhood Asthma # 10: Make sure the child takes hot day (but tolerable) bathrooms for 10-15 minutes followed a brief return irrigation. If a sign of asthma occurs, take some towels and soak it in hot water and use to wrap your forearms and legs (including knees and feet) of the child. This must be renewed every 10 to 15 minutes. This home remedy for asthma, in many cases, helps the immediate disappearance of the signal asthma.


  • Check your pediatrician or an allergist if the child has regularly signs of asthma .
  • Make sure the room asthmatic child is “austere” if the child has been diagnosed as allergic to dust or dust mites. That is, it should have only the essentials (so that no dust accumulates).
  • should also align mattress and pillows of children with plastic covers. If the child is allergic to pets, it’s best to remove them. If possible, wash your pet regularly to reduce the allergen and expel him from the child’s room. In general, you should avoid, if possible, the child has contact with any of the triggers of the disease.
  • Avoid eating foods with allergic capacity, such as cow’s milk (soy milk substitute), eggs, nuts, shellfish, etc.
  • Inform all involved with asthmatic children (teachers, daycare workers, etc.) about their condition to avoid problems if you have signs of asthma in emergency situations
  • Teaching the child to make breathing with the abdomen. Slow breathing twice a day for 10 times, this can help your child learn to use the metered dose inhaler. Besides, if he knows how to breathe deep and slow, which can help calm during an asthma attack.
  • Help your child practice diaphragmatic breathing, which means holding the chest while breathing deeply and moving the abdomen. To do this, have your child lie on the floor and put a book on your abdomen, say that the book move up and down with each breath. Tell her to close her lips and inhale deeply as possible. Then he shows how to loosen lips and let the air out slowly. This home remedy for asthma with the help of breathing works frequently to reduce attacks.
  • Keep a diary of asthmatic attack. Keeping track of symptoms, the daily reading of the spirometer and medications can help avoid the things that makes signs of asthma for they arise and help your doctor to adjust medication for your child when necessary.
  • Make your home smoke-free zone. Snuff smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves can trigger an asthma attack. You should not allow anyone to smoke in the home of an asthmatic child. If there is a wood stove in the home, it would be better to install another type of heating system.
  • The practice of regular physical activity, such as swimming.
  • Keep Extra inhalers on hand in case of an asthma emergency.
  • Stay calm during the crisis. When an attack occurs, it is recommended that parents remain calm and speak in soft tones. You can say, for example: “I am here and I will help First, use your inhaler will use together now have the medicine inside and feel better soon ….” This attitude will help the child to remain calm, if s / he sees that you are calm. If your child is upset, coughing or crying, nervousness or panic, this can worsen wheezing.

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