Study: This tea destroys cancer


Every year people spend millions of dollars in the fight against most difficult type of disease – cancer

experts work hard on drugs and complex theories to find the cure. A new study note that the drug for this condition can be found in the simple plant nature.

A compound found in chamomile tea can trigger a cycle that kills cancer cells while leaving healthy!

Namely, chamomile contain flavonoid called apigenin. Therefore, when drinking this tea is the flavonoid starts flowing through the digestive tract to adjacent tissues.

Apigenin actually helps proteins to repair information RNA and DNA. As a result, tumors are reduced because RNA is repaired because it is using proteins and apigenin. In the world of science, and observation of chamomile tea may be the answer for healing. However they not have to make many more studies. So far, major studies were conducted in rats and mice were infected with tumor cells. Scientists should shrink tumors with chamomile extract. As a result of their efforts, the scientists observed that tumor growth in mice were significantly lower.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile tea has anti-cancer effects. In the area of ​​carcinogens which relieves some of the symptoms of pain and the pain of the infected patient will more directly to redirect itself to possible treatment.

Although studies are still in progress, for best results, it is recommended that you should drink a cup of tea a day and 2-6 cups a week.

In addition, chamomile allows quiet and beautiful dream.

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