Old German remedy for cleaning the arteries


This natural remedy clean arteries and prevents calcification in the body .

The combination with lemon water and Short Heat treatment is neutralizing smell nder , so has to worry bad breath .

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  • 1 large garlic bulbs
  • 4 organic lemons with peel
  • 1 smaller piece ginger root
  • 2l of water


Wash lemons and gut them in circles. Shelling garlic and ginger and place in a blender and mix well. Pour 2 liters of water into a bowl and heat, and add the mixture before it starts boiling remove from heat. Allow to cool for several minutes and then strain through the filter.

Organize lemons into the jar and pour the liquid into them, close the jar and store in refrigerator. Before serving, shake the bottle with the ingredients. You should consume daily 100-150ml mix, two hours before a meal or on an empty stomach.

The treatment lasts for three weeks and then you need to pause for 1 week, in addition to continuing another cycle if necessary.

This natural remedy clean arteries and prevent calcification in the body. The combination of lemon and the heated water is to neutralize the smell of garlic so there is no need to worry about bad breath.


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The German since ancient remedy for cleaning the arteries first appeared in My Health Central.

Source / reference : http://www.mycentralhealth.com/old-german-remedy-for-cleansing-the-arteries/

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