natural remedy, learn how to get rid of stomach bacteria


is recommended that a cure very safe and protected against stomach bacteria.

Today bacteria in the stomach is a common disease

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Today bacteria in the stomach is a very common disease, and the treatment is very long and difficult. According to the experiences of the people, the best cure for the bacteria in the stomach figs in olive oil.

Place the figs in a jar and immerse them in olive oil. Figs can be cut into 4 parts.

This mixture before consumption should be allowed to rest for 40 days. After that, every morning on an empty stomach to take a fig and a teaspoon of olive oil in the same jar. Align and plan your diet for better and more effective healing, it is not recommended to consume acids, fatty foods and smoked meats. Eat only cooked, bland and without much spice especially chili. Prepare foods with natural olive oil.

A combination of figs and olive oil also treat infertility, hemorrhoids, all intestinal diseases, constipation, bronchitis, asthma and so on.


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