Improve your view with this pump Vitamin

Improve your view with this pump Vitamin ; Vladimir Petrovich Filatov, Russian doctor, surgeon and ophthalmologist, in addition to medical therapy and treatment Regular, according to the prescription of alternative medicine, advised his patients to prepare this powerful blend.

This remedy prevents further weakening and improving vision

People started using massively positive experience after he discovered the recipe patients

ingredients: ..

juice of 3 lemons -Lemon -4

honey -300g

groundnut -500g

Aloe juice -100g


Cut the middle, lower and larger leaves of aloe, leaving intact the top of aloe and upper 3- 4 sheets. Remove the tips of the leaves, cut into small pieces.

Through double gauze, rub and squeeze the juice.

30 min before meals, consume 1 tablespoon in the potent mix 3 times per day.

you should consume the mixture to improve your eyesight. This vitamin also boost pump throughout the body.

Aloe juice can have counterproductive effects on cardiovascular problems, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, inflammation of the female reproductive organs, gastrointestinal tract problems, kidney disease.

Aloe Vera should not exceed 2-3 years

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