13 How to prevent receding gums

13 How to prevent receding gums ;

Receding gums usually a sign of periodontal disease, which is common among adults (and more men than women) in the United States. The main culprit of this preventable disease is plaque, a sticky substance composed of millions of bacteria that accumulate around and between the teeth. If not effectively removed by daily brushing and flossing, plaque hardens into tartar, which can only be removed during a professional dental cleaning. Despite its current dental routine is to keep at bay caries, a lot of people experience gum disease while being free from caries. In fact, many people have gum disease and not even know it. Above and beyond aesthetic reasons, gum disease has also been

There are actually two forms of periodontal disease: Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease that can cause your gums inflamed and bleed easily. Usually it can be managed by regular dental care. However, if not managed effectively, it can become periodontitis; a more serious condition where the gums to pull away from the teeth and create pockets begin. These pockets between the teeth and gums harbor bacterial infections that can lead to serious damage to the gums and can even lead to tooth loss.

13 Preventing receding gums

Do-it-yourself options are considered the first resource for managing its symptoms and prevention long-term disease, including:

  1. brushing with excessive pressure with hard brush bristles.
  2. An inherited predisposition for thin gum tissue (gingiva).
  3. poorly positioned teeth, leading to the spread or the crowding of the teeth.
  4. clenching or grinding teeth, which makes some dentists believe recession.
  5. Nervous habits such as the insertion of foreign objects into the mouth or gums scratching with foreign objects.

Based on your question, it sounds to me as if you are aware of your gum recession and make things right: get regular cleanings, using a night guard, and use toothpaste sensitive teeth. Here are some tips to help you prevent further gum recession

  1. Make sure that your dentist shows you how to brush your teeth properly
  2. .

  3. Only use toothbrushes UltraSoft.
  4. Make sure your bite is comfortable and adjusted if necessary.
  5. should consider orthodontic treatment to realign teeth in the correct position, which can also increase the area of ​​gum tissue.
  6. Consider the graft rubber to increase the area of ​​gingiva or gum tissue; you may even want to consider covering the roots of the teeth.
  7. continue to wear a night guard every night to reduce stress on the teeth during sleep.
  8. avoid putting any foreign object in your mouth may cause gum recession.
  9. gentle brushing with a soft brush and regular cleanings by a dentist three months to control the amount of gum tissue that has are the only ways to really keep things under control. You can add a greater amount of gum tissue on the gumline or increase the gum line tooth with special types of gum grafts, which would require surgery for a periodontist.

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