Oscillococcinum does not really work?

We have recently acquired more than one flu and when I started my wife suggested that I take this homeopathic medicine called Oscillococcinum . Like most people I was a bit skeptical, but she was very emphatic that had helped the flu goes away much faster. So your recommendation I decided to give it a try.

Actually, let me take a step back. I do not like taking drugs. I need to be feeling pretty bad to display a Tylenol or other drugs, all I do not think it worth the damage it does to my liver and strange side effects, etc. Therefore, usually just deal with pain until it becomes very difficult to have to do something.

Does oscillococcinum really work

For my most recent flu, that was the case. I almost could not sleep, had a fever, chills and my body felt like 3 sumo wrestlers had ripped me – I was sore and pain

My wife to the rescue!

So my wife came to the rescue by running to Walgreens and get me some Oscillococcinum. By the package, you will find that is 6 small containers containing a powdery substance. It is instructed to drop into your mouth and let it dissolve. It tastes like sugar.

At this time I was very unhappy, so I do not care, I was willing to give it a try. To my surprise, only a couple of hours later I felt noticeably better. He was still a little worried that maybe was a placebo or something, but I continued to take every 6 hours as instructed and I continued to feel much better that point, I thought the flu virus had completely disappeared.

This is where my mistake, I stopped taking it because I thought I was over it. A couple of days later, the symptoms came back pretty strong, but again as soon as I started taking Oscillococcinum I started to feel much better.

side effects Oscillococcinum

I noticed no side effects when taking Oscillo. I’m not sure if any, but I did not realize that if there were.

To answer the question – What Oscillococcinum really work

would have to give a resounding yes. In fact, based on how it is done for me I would say is amazing! And the beauty is that it is completely natural, so it works and does so naturally instead of filling you full of drugs!

Have you had similar or different experiences with Oscillococcinum If so let us know in the comments …

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