5 natural ways to get rid of mosquito bites

mosquito bites‘m from Minnesota-therefore, I have a relationship very intimate with mosquitoes. Especially considering the time spent in the north woods. I will never forget the night I was visiting with a friend who lives out of state and, without even thinking about it, doing nothing beat a mosquito directly from the air that had not even seen. She was quite impressed as I continued to do this overnight. Detect, deter and eliminate the scope of mosquitoes is something we Minnesotans learn to do almost before they learn to walk.

female mosquitoes are attracted to us and other animals, for our blood. about 3 milligrams per bite taken, and use the iron and protein in it to develop their eggs. The mosquito does not actually “bite” of course. She pokes around with his trunk (a long needle and as part of the mouth) and finds a blood vessel near the skin. skin with their proboscis is then punctured, and suck blood.

These mosquito bite remedies are all-natural, effective and will help you soothe itchy bites, while diminishing their appearance and helping them heal faster.

The irritation that occurs after the mosquito bite is the result of mosquito saliva, which acts as an anticoagulant that keeps the blood flowing while it is feeding. The human body reacts to foreign Saliva by releasing histamines, organic compounds (put very simple) regulate inflammation. The swollen red itchy bump (called papule) raising becomes a bullseye target for itching and scratching.

1. The apple cider vinegar

A little apple cider vinegar can help with inflammation and itching, especially itching. I could not say exactly why it works, but it does. It’s just one of those things. If you have scratched in the bite and is open, this is going to sting. Sometimes even that is preferable to the irritating itching feels though! **

Will …

-Apple cider vinegar
balls -cotton


Soak a cotton ball in stroke and squeeze out the excess that is not dripping all over the place. Click on the insect bite for 5 seconds or so. Repeat if necessary (it will probably be.)

apple cider vinegar remedy

2. Ice is

When you start to really take nuts, break the ice. Freshness reduces hot, uncomfortable swelling and numb enough to ward off the stinging sensation at the moment area. It can be a bit messy, but I prefer to put an ice cube directly on the bite, compared to put some in a plastic bag and held on.

Will …



Keep the ice on the bite until the ice cube melts, or at least until melted halfway. Really it is not an exact science.


3. Cucumber is

Like icing that only with a cucumber instead of ice. And with less mess. It’s not like * * effective, in my personal experience, but others experience the opposite, where the cucumber is more effective than ice. It is a matter of trial and error, as everyone will respond differently. Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory component known as fisetin, which has been shown to inhibit various cytokines that cause inflammation. Cytokines are basically a large and widespread group of proteins that signal cells to act in a certain manner. I would think that would have to eat cucumber to get these benefits, but their bites are terrible and are desperate for relief, please see if it helps with the itching. (And do report, as I’m curious to see if this would have no effect, although I suspect that there was need for consumers a few.)

Will …


Cut cucumber slices and store in the refrigerator. When you need it, keep the slice on the bite until the itching stops. It’s relaxing and fresh, and unlike cucumber ice does not melt on the skin (and if you do you have bigger than a mosquito bite concerns) so just keep it there until relieved.


4. Toothpaste mint

This is good if you are really in a hurry. Apply some (organic) of mint toothpaste to the affected area. It can help take the sting out (pun fully intended) of the itching. The menthol in mint will create a feeling of freshness that can provide some degree of relief until a more formal (for lack of a better word) resource available.

Will …

-Organic mint toothpaste


apply a small amount of toothpaste on the bite and spread in a thin layer. Before reapplying, rinse the old stuff first.

mint toothpaste

5. Lemons achieved?

should. I’m never with lemons on hand, especially if I know that I will be being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Honestly, I think the bite, sting or potential, is what takes away some of the discomfort, oddly enough. You can also help prevent bacteria from entering or irritate the area if I squeezed open.

Will …

-A lemon or lemon juice, if you have fresh fruit on hand.


Cut a slice of lemon, then wrap the rest of the fruit and stick it in the refrigerator for later use. Rinse with cold water bite, dry, then squeeze a few drop of lemon juice out directly on the bite. Alternatively put it in a container, then use a cotton ball (or with clean fingers) and dab it on.

lemon for mosquito bites

Is I love more?

Have you ever feel that you are listed when you go camping? Like all his friends are outside mosquitoes, and must have sweet blood because you’re getting eaten alive? It, not everything can be on your head. Studies have shown that mosquitoes land in people with type O blood almost twice as often as those with blood type A. Based on other genes, approximately 85% of people secrete a chemical signal through its skin that tells you what type of blood you have. Mosquitoes seem to favor them, compared to 15% who kept their blood type “secret.”

Therefore, the world is a tremendously unfair place, and mosquitoes could only receive more than others on your camping trip.

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