7 things to do that are just more normal than you think

7 things to do that are just more normal than you think ;

7 Things You Do Alone that Are Normal

If you have ever wondered if it is normal to participate in certain behaviors whenever you’re alone, you’re not alone. Almost everyone has had “Am I normal?” Thoughts. But you can be sure, unless you are participating in something truly strange or very inadequate, your actions when you are alone, it is likely more normal than you think.

Looking at these seven common behaviors you will realize that there is nothing strange in what you do when no one else around.

1. Take autofotos abundance

Many people cringe when they see other people take autofotos. Some people can not even stand the word “selfies.” But to get the person alone, and that could be a totally different story. If autofotos taken as if there were no tomorrow, when you are alone (ie, more than what you do when you’re out with friends), you are not alone. Without any trial around the eyes, it is easy to take pictures of yourself while you wear different costumes, try different hairstyles, pose with your pet or make a series of faces.

2. Look at yourself in the Internet

For the most part, checking himself over the Internet is seen as a somewhat selfish act. Therefore, you may feel fun to write his name into the search engines when in the company of others. But when you’re alone, there’s no one around to judge their behavior or maybe labeled as is part of the natural curiosity want to see what may be floating around the Internet “vain.”; at least, you may get a kick out of seeing images and professions of other people in the world who have the same name.

3. Daydream

Have you ever reflect on his acceptance speech award, to exactly how you would like to share a laugh on stage with his family TV? What about imagining yourself in a tropical paradise, while in reality you just get back into the snow plow your driveway?

Daydreaming is common and can be done more easily only in the company of others, so go for it. You are not the only one; Psychologists estimate that people daydream of a third to half of their waking hours, despite the fact that a dream lasts only a few minutes. They also say it is good for you, even though many people consider distracted to be a form of laziness. Daydreaming can reduce stress, help resolve conflicts, enhance creativity and help create positive life outcomes.

4. Talking to oneself

Like daydreaming, talking can only help you organize your thoughts and even helps your goals come to fruition. However, when you are alone, you may be talking to himself for longer periods of time, or go into more detail than unusual. It is possible that even a role-play in your mind, “respond” to someone loudly in response to your thoughts about potential interactions in an upcoming interview or party. No one else around, you have the time and privacy to talk himself beyond the small murmurs can already do when in the presence of others.

5. Clock showing not normally

Some people are admitting difficult to see certain programs. For example, you may feel embarrassed others say you like to watch soap operas, entertainment programs or programs gossips silly games. So, as soon as a spouse or roommate head out, it is not unusual for you to tune into these programs. Aloneness is also a good opportunity to explore programs that have been related curiosity or have not seen in a long time. cartoons or reality show, anyone?

6. Singing in the shower

Many people singing, especially in the shower. I admit that I used my shower brush handle as a microphone, and rather enjoy the sound of my voice as it echoes of the chips is done! Sometimes I make up songs based on the day I had, or something I found funny moments earlier. However, on other occasions, I think I’m singing “Hello” Adele better than the singer herself.

Interestingly, singing in the shower is something experts have also deepened. They say that because you partner take a shower with a part of your day relaxing, you are more inclined to let go and belt out some tunes. It is a private and comfortable space that makes you more likely to engage in such behavior. Moreover, it was explained that the hot water produces chemicals in the brain that puts creativity in all its strength, which is another reason why you can start singing. Finally, experts say that when you sing, you feel better because of all that deep breathing that oxygenates the blood. Who knew?

7. Participate in socially unacceptable behavior, body-centered

Yes, I’ll go here. Let’s face it, there are just some things that never consider addressing guests at home, or even your spouse of 20 years. But when we are alone, everything is fair game of passing wind with abandon (and maybe even to laugh after the fact) to pluck some hairs stray chin (complete with arms resting on a TV tray while looking in TV from behind the mirror 5x). Things that most people would never think to do in public or in front of another person are often performed without thinking twice when alone, and that’s fine!



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