Your heart will be grateful and healthier

Your heart will be grateful and healthier ;

your heart will be grateful and healthier – Parents are always warned us to be thankful and grateful for what he received. This advice and should not be considered simply because there is a good reason behind it all.

Your heart will be thankful and Healthier

People with a sense of gratitude or thanks to the experience of sleep and better mood. Another addition, these feelings can help reduce inflammation in patients with heart failure.

In the previous study, it was shown that spirituality in general, with regard to the quality of life and improved physical health. In this study, Paul Mills, public health and psychiatry, University of California, San Diego and his team narrowed the focus and try to connect between feeling grateful heart commonly expressed in the statement “a grateful heart.”

according to Mills, which is affiliated with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Carlsbad, California, they wanted to examine the feelings of gratitude of the people who have experienced problems with heart health.

with that finally, the study team Deepak Chopra is also included (which are widely known for their support to alternative health), 186 patients of the clinic pull the heart of California.

All of these patients with heart failure stage B. This condition indicates that they have a number of dysfunction and inflammation of the heart, but not the most severe symptoms. they said the researchers, this becomes the stage B critical time for intervention because the damage can reversed.

Respondents were then examined the level of recognition, spiritual well-being and self-efficacy. This self-efficacy is the belief in oneself the ability to succeed in managing heart fungi. Patients symptoms of depression and sleep quality and fatigue were also evaluated. Recently, researchers tested blood from participants to see indicators of inflammation.

From the study, researchers found that patients who are more grateful reported better sleep, mood less under pressure, not too tired, their greater efficiency and lower indicators of inflammation.

Nina Kupper, psychologist professor at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, said that positive emotions are generally associated with better health. And therefore “feel grateful as a concept, it could be an opening to positive emotions made about spirituality.” Associated with an emphasis on the importance of positive emotions in the recovery process, the feeling is very important to maintain the balance between the burden of disease and the ability of a person when it comes to the disease.

In a sub -study done, they also found that patients keep a diary of gratitude for the care that indicators of inflammation decreased and increased heart rate variability (which is another measure reduction in risk).

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