Whole Food Ingredients can prevent chronic diseases

Whole Food Ingredients can prevent chronic diseases ;

The intact or only received minimal processing food products can reduce the risk of several chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. That’s because the nutrient content of food is still intact complete, unlike the results of purification of food were so high in sugar.

“Since 1997, WHO (World Health Organization) said that cancer can be prevented so that all states should remind people to be careful” professor of Food Science Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural Rungkat Frances Zakaria, Monday (11/5) in Bogor, West Java said. A form of primary prevention is a healthy diet and physical activity.

If people eat a nutritious balanced diet and regular physical activity, chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease can be prevented. According to WHO, a healthy diet and regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer by 35 percent, 80 percent of heart disease and diabetes by 90 percent.

“Thus, of the 100 people with diabetes, 90 people were not in contact with the disease if a healthy diet and physical activity,” he said.

a healthy diet is mainly food consumption herbal, intact, and as natural as possible. whole food is a food with little or no experience omission can eat, as refining, grinding, separation of the epidermis, extraction or isolation.

Therefore, people are encouraged to choose the food intact compared to the results of food processing. For example, choose brown rice (filled with bran) instead of white rice, maize corn and cassava starch comparison. food extraction process has a higher glycemic index digested and absorbed so quickly, but the rapid increase in levels of blood sugar.

Head of Sub Directorate cardiovascular control for Disease Control Communicable Diseases Health Ministry Lily Banonah rival states, Indonesia is the Ministry of Health Regulation No. 30 of 2013. This regulation includes the inclusion of the information in sugar, salt and fat, and health messages in processed and ready to eat foods.

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