When healthy, the consumption of freshwater fish or fish in the

When healthy, the consumption of freshwater fish or fish in the ;

sea where healthy, freshwater fish consumption or fish in the sea – ?? Fish can be one of the menu options are quite evocative flavor. Besides natural spices served with fragrant aroma. As a source of animal protein, fish is not only to meet the language and fill the stomach, but there are also many health benefits of fish consumption for the body.

salmon or tuna, including species most sought-after fish because they are rich in omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in many mackerel and sardines. “Omega 3 is a very important in the process of fetal brain development role. In fact, it is important for nerve function and development of infant vision,” said Sri Wulandewi, AMGz RS Permata Depok.

Therefore, in reality, more freshwater or saltwater fish healthy?

especially marine fish that live in the deep ocean, which has unsaturated fatty acids is higher than the fish that live in the sea and freshwater carp, carp, tilapia, or tilapia. “Although marine fish contains omega-3 fatty acids high, but not all fish is good for health, especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. There are fish that contain high levels of mercury and should be avoided.”

Any nutrient content in fish and benefits?

1. Amino acids such as taurine, which stimulate the growth of brain cells young children.
2. Vitamin A in cod liver oil to prevent blindness in children
3. Vitamin D in the liver oil and fish meat to bone growth and strength.
4. Vitamin B6 helps in the metabolism of amino acids and fats and to prevent anemia and nerve damage.
5. iodine to prevent goiter and growth retardation in children.
6. Selenium to help the body’s metabolism and as an antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals.
7. Zinc helps the functioning of enzymes and hormones
8. Fluorine who plays strengthen and nourish the child’s teeth
9. short fiber protein and easily digestible iron is easily absorbed by the body

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