Unknown 20 Benefits of olive oil for women’s health, skin and hair care

Unknown 20 Benefits of olive oil for women’s health, skin and hair care ;

are using olive oil a day in our lives indirectly. They are present in cosmetics for skin care, cosmetics and hair care with small amounts of drugs. When virgin olive oil, with surprising benefits in their


. It is also one of the excellent oil for culinary use. There are many alternative medicines using olive oil. You can find this type of food products on the web. Try using virgin olive oil for topical application and never boil for longer, while the preparation of any culinary. Let’s read about 20 uses of olive oil and the benefits for women’s health, skin and hair care in general.

amazing uses and benefits of olive oil

1. The use of edible olive oil:

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K, Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids. Cooking with olive oil is the best age for all persons, including pregnant women.

2. Olive Oil for massage:

A weekly massage with olive oil is good for relaxing the muscles of athletes and hard work. A full body massage with olive oil rejuvenates your entire body .

3. Olive oil is a natural skin care:

Olive oil has anti-bacterial properties, which cleans and unwanted skin during bathing dead cells dirt. Apply olive oil an hour before taking bath to get most of their anti bacterial benefits.

4. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer:

Olive oil is thinner than any other oil. It is better for topical application is. It is also a natural moisturizer. Apply olive oil an hour before taking bath to get its moisturizing effects.

5. Hot Tub with olive oil:
Olive oil has over all the powers of the skin refreshing. You can feel good after a hot tub with olive oil.

6. Olive oil is a natural aphrodisiac:

Olive oil is a natural sexual enhancer for women. It is also good for genital massage before sex to achieve orgasm repeated. It is advisable to add the olive oil in all its culinary for sexual wellbeing.

7. Curing cracks in the skin naturally:

Apply olive oil on your feet every day at night. You can see the cracks in the skin will heal automatically by two weeks of applying olive oil.

8. Oil olive good for diabetics:

The culinary consumption prepared with olive oil is best for people suffering with the level of blood sugar.

9. Oil olive good for Cardiovascular Disease:

Olive oil is cholesterol free carbohydrates and so is excellent for people with cardiovascular disease. It is recommended to cook food with olive oil.

10. lose weight naturally:

womanhood Both have reported weight loss after consuming prepared culinary olive oil.

11. Best Oil for Hair Loss:

Women with hair loss can try the hot oil for topical application new hair growth naturally with olive oil. You can apply olive oil a day and wait an hour before taking bath.

12. The tone of your skin with olive oil:

The daily use of olive oil can tone your natural skin color . Topically applied olive oil on the face or the whole body and wait 15 minutes before taking bath.

13. Nutritional olive oil:

is rich source of vitamin A, E and K. The minerals in olive oil They are potassium, magnesium, calcium, amino acids and iron. It is advisable not to prepare any fry with olive oil for its nutritional values ​​in the fullest.

14. Apply olive oil for hair frizz free

The topical application of olive oil is best for care hair. Reduces frizz hair while combing. You can apply a few drops of olive oil before preparation of hair thick and long hair .

15. Look young Olive Oil Topical Application

may seem young, even in old age, when oil is regularly used olive topically. Improves overall health of the skin and hair.

16. Oil good for scalp health Olive
to heal wounds has anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Daily application is good for the health of the scalp to better hair care .

17. Use olive oil for dry skin:

Women with dry skin can apply olive oil on the face the night will have a new idea morning. It is advisable to wash the olive oil with warm water.

18. Olive oil is good Amount Of Antioxidant:

can avail good amount of the antioxidant properties of olive oil by consumption of edible and through daily topical application.

19. Olive oil as a sunscreen:

Try olive oil on hot summer days as sunscreen. You can feel the difference as they work long compared to other cosmetics.

20. soft and smooth with Olive Oil Bath Touch:

Add 150 ml of olive oil in 25 liters of fresh warm water . Taking bath every day after chain virgin olive oil and take bath immediately. You can feel your skin smooth and soft inside once a week.

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