The white spots on the tonsils causes, symptoms and treatment options

The white spots on the tonsils causes, symptoms and treatment options ;

white spots on tonsils in the mouth The white spots on the tonsils can be a frightening sight to see, but many of the causes are not a reason for you to worry . The tonsils are located on the back of the throat, and you can actually see them if you open your mouth and look in a mirror. Some people develop a condition that affects the tonsils so they have to remove them, but most people go their entire lives with them.

When you are sick, tonsils may become red, sore, or swollen, and sometimes when this happens you may notice white spots, which may be filled with pus. Find out the underlying cause of the white spots on the tonsils is important that you know how to properly treat. In many cases, it will disappear on their own, but other conditions do require medical intervention.

Here we will briefly explain the many different causes of white spots on the tonsils, along with the symptoms and treatment options.

What are the causes and symptoms of white spots on the tonsils?

Tonsil stones: Tonsil stones white deposits compiled fragments of bacteria, food particles, dead cells and mucus harden. The tonsils usually contain cells to fight infection, but they can still become infected when tonsil stones get caught.

Common symptoms of tonsil stones and bad breath include earaches. The good news is that the tonsil stones usually do not require treatment, but if they cause discomfort or distress to your doctor may have to remove your tonsils.

tonsillitis: Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils, accompanied by fever and difficulty swallowing. Pus within the white spots on the tonsils indicates a bacterial or viral infection. Other symptoms of tonsillitis include headache, stiff neck, and fever.

If the cause of the infection is bacterial, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. If recurrent tonsillitis, then your doctor will remove the tonsils.

Strep / pharyngitis pharyngitis: Strep throat and pharyngitis are similar conditions that can cause white spots on tonsils. Strep throat is more serious than pharyngitis, as it is caused by streptococcus bacteria, which can cause extreme pain throat, fever, difficulty swallowing, chills, and nausea and vomiting in some cases.

For the treatment of strep throat, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. If strep throat is left untreated it can become progressively worse, and even bacteria can enter the bloodstream causing fatal condition.

Pharyngitis is caused by a virus, so antibiotics can not be prescribed. The treatment of pharyngitis usually involves gargling with salt water.

oral candidiasis: Thrush is a fungal infection in the area of ​​the mouth and throat. The fungus that causes thrush is candida albicans – yeast infection. We always have some level of Candida albicans in our body, but when levels increase and there is an imbalance that is when infection can occur. White spots will develop along the cheeks and tongue, so it will be altered taste.

mononucleosis (kissing disease): mononucleosis, also known as the disease is joke or mono, is a viral infection, which causes headache, fever and persistent fatigue. Severe sore throat and pus covered swollen tonsils are also characteristic of monkey.

Diphtheria: Diphtheria is a respiratory infection that affects the nostrils and throat. It is caused by a bacterium. Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever and difficulty swallowing and breathing.

Initially, the amygdala may appear to have a layer of grayish-white, and other incidents that appear in white spots covering the tonsils. Children over five are at increased risk of diphtheria. The good news is that there is a vaccine for this disease that can prevent it.

Vincent angina: This is a formation of ulcers in the oral cavity, pharynx and tonsils. Ulcers begin in the gums and continue to spread. Over time, they will bleed even with the contact points and milder white will develop in the tonsils. Antibiotics are the common mode of treatment for angina Vincent.

viral pharyngitis: This is an infection of the pharynx causing the pharynx and tonsils to swell. Pus formed in the tonsils that appear as white spots. If the infection is bacterial you will be prescribed antibiotics. If it is viral, are solved by itself.

sexually transmitted diseases Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can cause white spots on tonsils. Sexually transmitted diseases that can cause white spots on the tonsils include chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes simplex virus, and HIV. Symptoms may include nausea, allover pain, fever, loss of appetite, sore throat, mouth sores, itchy mouth, swollen gums, swollen uvula, and lymph nodes.

Smoking and leukoplakia: Smoking can increase the risk of cancer and oral leukoplakia, a precancerous condition. The first signs of leukoplakia include white patches in the mouth, tongue and tonsils. To quit smoking often solves the white spots, but your doctor may have to scrape if they are cancerous.

Other diverse conditions

tongue The white spots on the tonsils – without fever: Sometimes, tonsillitis may occur without the presence of fever and tonsil stones you can also develop without any symptoms except for white spots on the tonsils remarkable. Even if you do not have a fever, but see white spots, you may want to go get the doctor to confirm the diagnosis of tonsil stones.

The white spots on the tonsils – no pain: White spots without the presence of pain could be a viral infection or a malignancy. In general, viral infections resolve on their own, so no need to worry. Simply gargling with salt water can help clear white patches on the tonsils.

The white spots on the tonsils – not strep A negative test result streptococcus in the presence of white spots on the tonsils may be the result of other conditions above. Your doctor will have to run more tests to determine the cause.

The white spots on the tonsils – allergies: In some cases, seasonal allergies can cause white spots on the tonsils, as a result of post-nasal drip. You may treat your allergies can solve the white spots on the tonsils.

How to get rid of the white spots on the tonsils?

If you have a specific cause for white spots on the tonsils derived from a bacterium or fungus, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics or antifungal drugs as a treatment. If your condition is caused by a virus or something else non-threatening, there are some general tips that can be used in order to get rid of the white spots on the tonsils.

  • Rest
  • Gargle salt water
  • Drink warm liquids or cold to relieve sore throat
  • eat soft foods like ice cream or yogurt
  • Use a cool-mist humidifier in the room
  • Suck pills
  • Use over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Avoid irritating food, like spicy food, chips, raw vegetables, highly acidic foods, etc.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Use a cotton swab to dislodge tonsil stones
  • Limit alcohol consumption

Using some these tips can help reduce or even get rid of the white spots on the tonsils and reduce associated pain.

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