Summary weekly health news: shingles, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and

Summary weekly health news: shingles, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and ;

This summary of weekly health news features stories about shingles, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. We examined whether shingles is contagious and if it is a threat to pregnant women. We also explored rheumatoid arthritis disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, with the risk of multiple sclerosis associated with one of the geographical location. Finally, we finished the rodeo explore how fibromyalgia pain can be predicted and how the Zika virus can be transmitted sexually.

So in case you missed them, here are the top stories of Bel Marra Health week.

Shingles is only contagious to people who had not been vaccinated or for people who have never had chickenpox. risk groups that can develop chickenpox as a result of exposure to shingles are infants, young children and people who are not vaccinated. In general, pregnant women are not at risk of developing shingles, but if they do the shingles near the end of their pregnancy to term, that may pose harm to the fetus.

After a few days of herpes symptoms when the patient develops a rash that begins to blister, which is when it is pouring virus and is contagious. Shingles has two stages: prodormal and active. In the prodormal Stagen a patient experiences symptoms of shingles without a rash. The active phase is marked by the presence of the eruption. Continue reading …

Rheumatoid arthritis risk (AR) is higher among women with PTSD (PTSD), according to a study. PTSD is a condition that results from a traumatic or stressful experience and is characterized by intrusive memories of the event, increased arousal, avoidance associated with the traumatic event experiences, and loss of interest in activities and relationships.

Uncover the association between PTSD and rheumatoid arthritis and the role of smoking, researchers analyzed 49.693 women participating in the Nurses’ Health Study II. Participants completed questionnaires on lifestyle, health practices and other conditions at baseline and then every two years over the course of the study. Study participants completed the questionnaire Brief Trauma and PTSD protector to identify whether and where there have been symptoms of trauma and PTSD. Participants do not have rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

The prevalence of smoking was higher among women with PTSD symptoms. Symptoms experienced more a woman smokes the more.

The study results also showed the correlation between experienced symptoms of PTSD and risk for rheumatoid arthritis. When smoking was included in the risk of rheumatoid arthritis in PTSD was even greater.

The authors concluded that “it is necessary to examine the role of other behaviors and clinical characteristics, such as alcohol and obesity Other studies, such as confounders and / or mediators of the association between the disorder posttraumatic stress and risk for potential rheumatoid arthritis. in addition, assessments of serum and salivary cortisol to characterize axis activity basal HPA and response to stress, are needed to investigate biological pathways linking PTSD with an increased risk for RA. “ Continue reading …

multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the conditions more disabling young adults from around the world. Every week in the United States are diagnosed at least 200 new cases, and some experts believe neurological environmental factors have a stronger at our risk of developing MS than originally thought link.

In a study conducted in the UK, reader Dr. Klaus Schmierer clinical neurology found that black residents and the people of South Asia had higher prevalence of multiple sclerosis, compared to the same groups living in their ancestral countries. This suggests an environmental influence on the development of multiple sclerosis.

Schmierer and his team of researchers noted that east London is a diverse area with high population density and, therefore lent itself well to research on the impact of migration from the territories of very low prevalence of MS in the United Kingdom, where the MS prevalence is, in fact, very high.

Schmierer found that the incidence of multiple sclerosis in Ghana is roughly 0.24 per 100,000 people. The prevalence of MS in East London is about 111 per 100,000 people. The prevalence was 180 per 100,000 for whites, 74 for blacks, and 29 for the people of South Asia. It turned out that multiple sclerosis was several times more common among blacks and South Asians living in London, compared with those groups living in their ancestral territory. prevalence of MS for people living in India was about seven per 100,000 inhabitants and Pakistan was five per 100,000. Continue reading …

pain of fibromyalgia levels can be predicted by leptin, according to research. Fibromyalgia is a condition with many different symptoms, the most common widespread pain. different biological variables associated include erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), cytokine profile, and high hormone levels. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is a challenge because there are no known biological markers a patient may be assayed. For the study, researchers used the Vectra®DA, a multi-Biomarker Disease Activity Score to measure serum biomarkers in patients with fibromyalgia and elevated inflammatory markers.

This cross-sectional study with 33 patients in Los Angeles County. Patients show high in Vectra®DA, with a mean score of 46.5 (range 30 to 84, or moderate to high activity). It was found to be similar to those of rheumatoid arthritis – 12 Serum biomarkers – except leptin. Forty-five percent of fibromyalgia patients had higher levels of leptin.

The researchers found that the leptin protein plays an important proinflammatory and immunomodulatory role in the development of clinical disease in a subset of patients with fibromyalgia with elevated levels of leptin. A better understanding of the involvement of leptin in the pathogenic processes of fibromyalgia can help diagnose the condition and offer better treatments. Continue reading …

Zika virus spreads through sexual contact and researchers have discovered how this transmission occurs. The new findings may help develop drugs aimed at combating the Zika virus.

Lead researcher Shee-Mei Lok said, “This is exciting because our structure will provide important clues to other researchers around the world are working to find therapeutic agents Zika virus.”

For the study, researchers Imaged the Zika virus cryo-electron under a microscope. The researchers used thousands of images to reconstruct a cryo-electron structure of high-resolution Zika. This reconstructed virus showed that the overall architecture of Zika virus is similar to other flaviviruses, such as West Nile or dengue. On the other hand, the researchers also found that Zika is thermally more stable than the dengue virus, and is more structurally stable even when incubated at 40 degrees, which mimics patients with fever.

surface proteins have stricter Zika virus interactions compared with dengue virus, adding to its stability. This may explain why the Zika virus can survive in the urine, semen and saliva. Apart from Zika transmission through a mosquito bite, the virus is particularly resistant thanks to its structural stability, which helps explain how they can be transmitted sexually. Other mosquito-borne viruses can not be sexually transmitted.

The results imply that the possible methods of treatment for Zika can work by weakening the structure of the virus, which helps reduce the severity of the disease and limiting its spread. Continue reading …

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