Simple ways to have healthy teeth and gums for Life

Simple ways to have healthy teeth and gums for Life ;

Simple Ways to Have Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life

simple ways to have healthy teeth and gums for life – teeth and gum problems is not only a health issue but also the problem of appearance. Teeth and healthier gums, appearance and confidence would be even better.

So how do you keep your teeth and gums to stay healthy? It is easy to apply 7 easy tips to keep teeth and gums healthy down.

Tooth Brush at least twice a day

Brushing teeth is the main tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Make sure you do it right. Make a toothbrush at least 2 times a day, which means you can do more than 2 times a day. The more often better than before.

Avoid smoking

smoking will only make conditions in the mouth is getting worse. The nicotine in cigarettes will settle on the teeth and tongue to cause odor, it not infrequently also makes the color of your teeth turn yellow or brown. What is clear, say no to smoking.

avoid foods too hot or too cold

Foods that are too hot or too cold will cause the enamel becomes easily damaged, until it finally came cavities or tooth sensitivity. Therefore as possible avoid eating foods that are too hot or cold drinks excessive.

ends meet Drinking Water

Drinking enough water will help clean after eating food debris on the teeth and gums. In addition to drinking enough, it should also gargle after eating, has been shown to make a mouth fresh and clean again.

clean teeth with fine threads

Yarn used to clean teeth is a common thread, but a special thread that is designed to clean between the teeth. You can get this thread in a clinic or pharmacy nearby health. When cleaning your teeth regularly with this thread, the teeth will be healthier because there is no food residue left between the teeth.


Chewing gum is very good for maintaining oral and dental health. But keep in mind that all is not good for the gums teeth. Only gum containing the sweetener xylitol is good for dental health. Therefore chewing gum containing xylitol contained in that it.

Consumption of fresh fruit

Fruit desserts are very good. Therefore, make a habit of every meal, eaten fresh as a dessert fruit. Besides being able to freshen the mouth, the fruit is also very rich in benefits. some fruits are recommended for maintaining healthy teeth is apples and mangoes.

That’s 7 easy tips to keep teeth and gums healthy. Here are some items remain relevant on the issue of healthy teeth and gums.

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