Serves salt therapy to relieve asthma?

Serves salt therapy to relieve asthma? ;                                 

They say that since Hippocrates used to use salt which has such a bad reputation to raise the blood pressure-to treat respiratory ailments. Salt water has been used for centuries as a natural inhaler, in people with asthma and allergies of the upper respirarorias way.

In 1843, the Polish doctor Felix Boczkowski studied a group of men working in the Wieliczka salt mine and found that suffered less than the general population respiratory diseases. The expert recorded his observations in the study entitled “About the Breathing of Salt Dust”, a pioneer in analyzing what later became known as halotherapy.

In that mine today there is a salt cave. In Europe and Asia quarterfinal salt (salt rooms) or the salt caves they have operated commercially for decades: there come people living with asthma and say they feel better after a session natural inhalation (without inhalers chemicals)

(in the photo above, a room of the salt Museum in Seoul, South Korea, where visitors relax and inhale salt)

Promoted as rooms sea ​​salt or Himalayan, in the United States have become popular in recent years, and there are centers in 33 states. This is a summary of what they say doctors about halotherapy, based on the reading of five scientific studies published in the National Library of Medicine US (PubMed).

  • A research Hungary found that the quarter-salt, which reproduce the effect of the caves of natural salt, had beneficial effects by reducing inflammation of the respiratory tract.

the Committee of Integrative Medicine of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, indicates that it is logical that salt rooms may help relieve symptoms of certain respiratory conditions, but probably in a short term. The company said that these sessions natural salt inhalation act like a massage, “with benefits that last a very short time.”

Meanwhile Dr. Alvin Sanico, Johns Hopkins said that salt could exacerbate asthma symptoms, so treatment may not be as harmless as suggested, but on the contrary, could be dangerous.

always consult a doctor before considering alternative therapies.

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