minds headphones to boost the elderly

minds headphones to boost the elderly ;

Hearing aids boost seniors’ minds A new study suggests wearing a hearing aid helps slow cognitive decline in older people with hearing loss. It is well known that hearing loss is linked to mental deterioration. Therefore, the conservation or hearing health maintenance can help keep a strong mind. Dr. Anil Lalwani researcher said. “We know that hearing aids can keep older adults with loss of more socially engaged, providing important to the outside world hearing Bridge In this study, we wanted to determine whether they could also delay the effects of aging on cognitive function. “

the study focused on adults 80 to 99 years old with hearing loss. Thirty-four of the participants regularly use hearing aids, and better results were achieved in tests of mental function compared to those without headphones. Moreover, cognitive function is associated directly with the ability of a person to listen even without headphones.
Lalwani said: “Our study suggests that use of a hearing aid can offer a simple but important way to prevent or slow the development of dementia, keeping adults engaged in conversation loss and auditory communication.”

More than half of people over age 75 suffer from hearing loss and wear hearing aid devices however, only 15 percent.

Previous research has also found that older people living with hearing loss are also at increased risk of falls and other accidents, along with social isolation. The use of hearing aids can help improve social, functional and emotional problems.

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