Less weight loss in infants and young children

Less weight loss in infants and young children ;

Loss of underweight in children and young children – The growth and development of the body is one of the main indicators health of children and young children. Generally, babies aged 24 months upwards the growth is quite stable and consistent. But if you feel your child is a slow growth, stagnant, and even declined, consult a doctor or Posyandu to do.

The causes less weight in newborns

Doctors can determine if your child’s weight is still considered normal or not. Some children have a thin body naturally due to genetic factors from their parents. In addition, there are several other factors that cause less weight gain in newborns:

  • Your child is very active or have a fast metabolism that requires a lot of calories to memenuthi needs
  • Experimenting worms so the absorption of food and nutrients by the body is not optimal.
  • deficiency of certain nutrients like iron that can affect eating habits.
  • Habits added selection or food allergies.
  • Pain and fever that causes decreased appetite or other health problems.

healthy diet for children
While no serious health problems, do not need to worry too much. Increased weight infants is not easy. In addition to children in general they are very active, have a small stomach capacity. Your calorie needs can not be met by eating three times a day.

To do this, increase calories without adding a portion of his it is one of the possible solutions meal. However, that does not mean that you can freely give high-calorie foods that are less healthy as sugary drinks, candy and cake, as it can damage the teeth. Apply a healthy diet that contains a balanced nutrition, providing basic food, vegetables, fruits, fish, milk, meat, etc.

Increase calories from fat
Based on the Institute of Medicine, children 1-3 years old need to meet 30-40% of the calories fat. Some vitamins also can be digested only by fat. Whole milk with a fat needs to be given until the age of 2 years or more if your child is under weight.

whole milk or white water can be given after the age of 12 months. The fat content in dairy products could begin to be reduced if it has met the child’s normal growth and nutrition. So at the age of 5 years, could begin to adopt a low-fat diet as adults

However, if your child expresses less weight, calories can be improved with the following tips :.

  • Add milk or cheese on potatoes or bread.
  • The use of milk like soup instead of water alone.
  • Give food as a source of healthy fats like avocado or banana snack between meals.
  • not give fiber-rich foods in excess, such as whole grains and brown rice. These foods can make a child feel full longer and loss of appetite. Enough gradually introduced and give it as an important source of carbohydrates after a 5 years.
  • Although milk is very important at this age, make sure the child does not receive excessive fluid. Some children who drink too much will eat less and do not get the calories they need.
  • If you have lactose intolerance or allergy to specific foods, check with your doctor to continue meeting the nutritional needs of children.

supplements of vitamins and supplements to children
You can ask your doctor or Posyandu if your child needs supplements and vitamin supplements or not. The Department of Health of the United States recommends that children 6 months to 5 years a few drops of vitamins A, C are given, and D. This vitamin is especially important for children who weigh less than nutritional needs are not met.

get vitamin can increase the amount of iron that can be absorbed by the body of a small child, and increases appetite. However, no need iron supplements unless recommended by a doctor. excess iron can actually hinder the absorption of other minerals, cause constipation, and cause other health problems.

Encourage children to continue to participate actively
Less weight in newborns is not a reason to block them actively involved. Physical activity is actually going to help strengthen your bones and muscles. Consult your doctor to know the limits of their activity should do. Do not forget to continue to monitor the development of the next child.

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