Itchy throat causes and home remedies

Itchy throat causes and home remedies ; Home overall health Oral Care causes itchy throat and home remedies

by: Devon Andre | General Health | Tuesday, July 5, 2016 – 02:00 pm

itchy throat A scratchy throat can be quite irritating, but if it’s causing problems are not alone – in fact, a sore throat or itchy is a very common ailment. More often than not, itchy throat is not too serious, but can be a symptom of other diseases, which may require medical attention.

Here we describe the common causes for itchy throat, along with natural and home remedies that you can try in order to get relief.

What causes itchy throat?

Infections : Infections are the most common cause of itchy throat, so often is a primary symptom. Infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi, and can occur in any individual -. Healthy or not

Allergies : inhaled particles or even food allergies can lead to a scratchy throat. itchy throat due to allergies may also be accompanied by watery eyes, runny nose and difficulty breathing. If you eat something and your throat feels tight or if you can not breathe, seek medical attention immediately.

Irritants : When inhaled, pollution and chemical irritants can contribute to a scratchy throat. Firsthand and secondhand smoke are also common causes of itchy throat.

singing or screaming :. The overuse of the vocal cords, either because singing or shouting can cause itchy throat

gastroesophageal reflex disease (GERD) :. The acid reflux up into the esophagus as a result of GERD may contribute to the scratchy throat

Dry throat : Sometimes, our throat can become dry. Some causes of dry throat are air cold wind, excessive heating or air conditioning inside the mouth breathing, dehydration, smoking, caffeine, alcohol and Sjogren’s syndrome. Treating dry throat can help itching.

Foreign body : If a foreign object gets stuck in the throat, like a small bone or even a piece of glass, which can cause irritation and itching. Cough with the object or even salt water gargle can help dislodge.

Psychological causes psychologically induced cough can make the throat feel itchy, even if there is no obvious cause itching. A person can also do this for attention.

Disorders : Many disorders affecting other organs can also cause itchy throat. Some of these disorders include sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, pericarditis, and lungworms.

Neck disorders neck disorders can also contribute to a scratchy throat. These include an enlarged thyroid, enlarged lymph nodes, abscess, tumor, or injury.

Vomiting :. After vomiting, you may notice a scratchy throat due to acid that has come from the stomach

Treatment options for itchy throat

medical treatment options to help relieve itchy throat depend on its cause. Some common treatment options for itchy throat include pain relievers, cough medicines, corticosteroids, antihistamines, antibiotics and antifungals. It is important to note that many of these treatments can cause side effects, so always use the prescribed medications as directed.

Home remedies for itchy throat

honey home remedies Apart from medicines, there are home remedies that you can try to relieve itchy throat. To begin, it is recommended that you drink water, as the throat can be simply dry. Here is a list of other effective home remedies to help a scratchy throat.

  • Gargle salt water
  • Eat some honey
  • Make a honey, lemon or ginger tea
  • cider vinegar apple drink – may want to dilute it in water
  • Use a humidifier
  • Do not smoke
  • avoid talking too much, singing for extended periods of time, or scream
  • know and avoid the triggers of allergy
  • Use throat lozenges

If the cause of your itchy throat is severe, talk to your doctor immediately .


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