How to remove pimples and blackheads old

How to remove pimples and blackheads old ;

Have a pimpled face made most people feel insecure and unsure, this has led to a lot of people who make a variety of ways to remove acne scars and dark spots. Acne is a disease that not only misplaced a grain, but also when the acne has been more than the shin ninggalin file or advance black points. black spots or black spots that make the face becomes look dull and unhealthy.

How To Eliminate The Former Pimples And Black Spots


Acne scars occur for several reasons, whether intentionally or not, for example, scars acne occur due to large skin pimples and open pores wide enough. The opening of the pores which causes the appearance of acne scars in the form of skin patches. Acne scars can also occur because the urge to scratch too high or rupture that makes acne. Acne sometimes cause excessive itching in hand instinctively wanted to scratching.

Used to remove acne

I will share tips on how to remove acne scars naturally. The use of natural materials not cause excessive side effects compared to the use of chemicals. So what natural materials we use? Natural materials can be obtained from fruits and vegetables that always becomes close to you.

How to remove acne with vegetables and fruits

Did you know that vegetables and fruits that are around is a great way to eliminate acne? The use of vegetables and fruits in a method of treatment or detoxification can be defined by cleaning the toxins found in the face of the deposition activation glands in the skin that produce acne. Vegetables and fruits are:

a. Tomatoes
Although sometimes people call the tomato is a fruit, but actually in the category of vegetables tomatoes. Tomatoes have many benefits, either in the form of vitamin C, A and lycopene, which serves to clarify and whiten skin. How it is used it can be adapted to your individual way, as juice or artificial softened to mask materials. You do tomato mask on a regular basis, at least once a week.

b. Lemon
Lemon is a product commonly used in skin care, as I have discussed in previous articles material. Lemon contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) that is capable of regenerating the skin, this content also does a better skin elasticity and brightness of the face naturally. Lemon or lime is commonly known as also capable of reducing the oil content in the face which is the main cause of acne. How to use: You can use lemon slices attached directly to the face or also peresan lemon water, but should be considered when a lemon is used to get rid of acne. Lemon will make the pain if you are not familiar, for those who have sensitive skin ANAD suggest consulting a doctor because sometimes sensitive skin can not bear with lemon and can cause irritation. It should be noted when using the tool lemon on the side, try not to involve your eyes because the effect could be bad for eye health.

c. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera or Aloe is known as a cure burns naturally from Dalu time. Green plants are identical with spiky skin resembling “true aloe” has an antibacterial contained inside. Aloe vera gel similar to a soft inside and slightly viscous. The parts used to get rid of acne is a part of the gel, so you need to peel the skin before using. The gel skin can make a mask for daily use and Ana will feel the benefits will be replaced more delicate skin and dead skin cells.

d. Carambola
analgesic substances and content of flavonoids in carom able to help maintain healthy skin. Besides the low cost, Blimbing wuluh effective enough to eliminate acne and brighten the face. Usage is quite easy to stay combine Blimbing wuluh been crushed with sulfur powder and lime. The third mixture of these materials remain applied to the face.

Some types of vegetable and fruit consumption above may in many ways be eaten directly by direct or process them in a salad, juice or other food ingredients like processed over. So, tips on how to get rid of acne that is easy and can be done alone at home, it can be useful.

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