How to increase appetite

How to increase appetite ;

How to increase appetite – Loss of appetite or decreased appetite, usually a symptom of more fundamental problems, such as disease , certain psychological conditions, lifestyle, or due to aging.

There are many things that can be the cause of the decrease in appetite of a person. Call it while taking the / drug treatment, emotional conditions such as depression or excessive anxiety, smoking or alcohol.

Check with your doctor to diagnose the main cause of loss of appetite, because these conditions may be caused by other more serious diseases.

How Increase Appetite

Adding Lust and appetite

1. The food tastes penggugah
food Suguhlah more attractive and tastier than usual. This can increase the appetite so you can improve decreased appetite. The food was “delicious” in the eyes and nose would tempt anyone. Ask family members to serve their favorite foods. Try to avoid drinking before atapun when they eat, drink can make you feel full faster.

2. food seasoning and herbs
appetite can also be stimulated through spices or herbs such as leaf ginger, ginseng (not good for people with high blood pressure), papaya leaves, dandelion, orange or lemon, mint leaves, ginger, until the leaf alfalfa.

3. multi vitamins
Consuming a multivitamin to replace nutrients lost during your appetite is down. Vitamin B intake is also good to stimulate appetite. Similarly, consumption of zinc and copper (copper) that can help ‘tune’ your sense of taste. We recommend the use of a multivitamin supplement prior consultation or permission of your doctor.

4. Physical activity
The exercise, however slight, can increase appetite effectively. Walking, cycling, swimming, yoga can lead to hunger without burning excessive calories. The exercise will help the absorption of nutrients from food and fishing is their hunger, so will increase your appetite safely

Other useful tips :.


  • Drink three times a day to get the calories and nutrients the body needs.
  • eat more whole grain bread, biscuits, nutritious grains, and other healthy snacks.
  • Petimbangkan to consume avocado, banana pudding (jelly), yogurt, until peanut butter, all of which are very nutritious and good for digestion. Probiotic drinks are also very good to increase the number of bacteria, both in their digestive system.

If you are a poor appetite associated with emotional states such as depression and excessive anxiety, talk to your health professional for a recommendation and proper management. They strive to improve appetite is likely to fail if done in an emotional state that is not healthy.

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