Fruit guidelines for pregnant women

Fruit guidelines for pregnant women ;

Fruit guide for pregnant women who addressed you who are currently pregnant or for his pregnant wife. This is very important because errors in the consumption of fruits can cause some inconvenience even cause pain for pregnant women. This guide contains about what kind of fruit and consume what is taboo for pregnant women fruit.

Previously, I would like to express congratulations on your pregnancy, after pregnancy is the most beautiful of grace entrusted by God to every couple who wants to build a happy, cheerful and fun family. Pregnancy is certainly something that is coveted, especially young mothers, therefore, maintain a healthy pregnancy is very important. There are many ways to preserve the health of the matrix and one of them pick fruit for pregnant women.

Fruit Consumption Guidelines For Pregnant Women

Choose fruit for pregnant women

As a wise course mothers who do not want one in terms of the choice of fruit. There are many different types of fruits are available in the market or supermarket fruit, but you must choose a good fruit for pregnant women and leave the fruit abstinence. Selection of fruit for pregnant women is very useful because there are some pieces that are less suitable to be consumed by pregnant women. It is also necessary to ensure that the fruit to choose a fruit that is fresh and has high quality. My advice is to always buy fruit in places that you trust is always providing fresh fruit. Here are some tips on selecting fresh fruit.

Select fruit whose skin is not recognized
Keep fruit to ensure that no blenyek
Do not choose fruit that has crimped
When the fruit has a stem like wine and longan, do not select that had separated from the stem

fruit is good for pregnant women

Each fruit has individual properties, live how we choose the pieces to Finnish. The fruit is not suitable for designation that can lead to problems you did not expect, therefore, it is important to determine what fruit is good for pregnant women. Here are some types of fruit for each pregnant woman in Indonesia are recommended.

1. Apples

Apple is a fruit that has a lot of vitamin good mother to the developing fetus. Vitamins contained in apples include vitamins A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B9 and vitamin C. Other content of apples is bermnafaat by tannin content and fiber.

2. Dragon fruit

If you have previously read the article about the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women, who certainly knows how big the benefits of dragon fruit. In the last discussion I said that the content of folic acid, fiber, calories and calcium in the small dragon fruit is very beneficial for pregnant women. In every 100 grams of dragon fruit consumption you will get some very important nutrients. For more details on the amount of nutrients it contained visit about the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women. If you are confused about how to make the dragon fruit, try to fix the fruit juice membuah dragon.

3. cherry fruit

Like a person, cherry fruit was cayenne pepper but small. Properties for pregnant women is huge. Even the cherry fruit contains 20 times more iron than oranges and apples. Other contents including cherry fruit carotene, calcium, phosphorus, citric acid and some vitamins. The cherry is a fruit that is good for pregnant women, this is due to the properties of cherry fruit that causes the body to have a good metabolism and make skin become white and healthy baby.

4. Fruit wine

The grape is believed to be good fruit for pregnant women, this is, of course, because tekandung iron content in grapes a lot. Choose tergelantung grapes still on the stalk. Fruit dependent stem has a better fitness level than the already detached from the stalk. This benefit is also coupled with phosphorus, organic acids, calcium, lecithin, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and are available in grapes.

PROHIBITION OF FRUIT for pregnant women

There are several types of fruit should not be consumed by pregnant women, young mothers and has been long been a mother. This information is very important, especially for young mothers who just feel pregnant for the first time. Here is the kind of fruit that is not good for consumption by pregnant women.

1. Papaya

If calculated nutrients contained in papaya is far, unfortunately, the fruit is not suitable for pregnant women. Papaya half cooked / raw is a source of danger for pregnant women. The content of this raw papaya can trigger undesirable uterine contractions. If you are a fan of papaya, papaya try to reduce or choose a very mature contraction to reduce risk.

2. Pineapple

Reasons included in the list of pineapple fruit forbidden for pregnant women because it contains bromelain which is quite high. bromelain consumption during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery due to softening of the cervix. If consumed frequently pineapple, you should start to change that and choose fruit that is good for pregnant women.

3. Durian

durian is a fruit that consumption is not recommended during pregnancy. arachidonic acid content in the fruit durian was not friendly to the health of her fetus. Archidonat acid is a compound of prostaglandin triggers that can cause premature delivery or miscarriage.

That was kind of fruit for pregnant women, choose fruit with sage and always wash the fruit first thing you want to consume. Hopefully the article fruit for pregnant women is beneficial for all readers who happen to want to get a baby.

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