Easy to remove acne men

Easy to remove acne men ;

On this day I want to share how to get rid of acne man who can do it yourself at home. Speaking about acne, teenagers these days often have skin problems, not only women but also men. Acne is a problem first appearance actually very worrying at the time was the right time to seek identity.

Easy To Eliminate Acne Men

Acne is sometimes also cause excessive itching to scratch even when you’re desperate, that even cause ulcers and acne scars which of course has its own tips for blackheads they may disappear from his face. I will start this advice for the first discussion of how acne can occur in men and then continued with the new way to eliminate acne for men.

Causes of Acne in men

how to eliminate acne

Generally, acne is a skin disease caused by abnormalities / terumbatnya the sebaceous glands of the skin. oil gland has a function to remove excess fat from the skin, as in the case of acne clogged gland.

The occurrence of acne in men also sometimes differs from the onset of acne in women. The cause of acne in women is usually influenced by changes in hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. These hormonal changes usually occur when the woman is PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), although not one of the causes of acne in men due to hormonal factors, acne in men is due to the occurrence of stress disorders sleep or due to dietary factors.

How to remove acne for men

rid of acne is complicated, each has its own characteristic skin so I will discuss in general terms. If you have tried to buy creams or acne medications, but in vain, you can try this simple easy way to get rid of acne nan that is in you.

1. Routine facial cleansing

Because acne is caused by the amount of oil on the face, then frequent cleaning in order to deal with dead skin cells that accumulate in advance to be missed. You can use soap facial cleansers that do this treatment, if it is paired with one soap cleaners often not replace it, because it can cause allergies, if it turns out that the soap substitute is not compatible with your skin. When not using soap, just use clean water and tries to face wash at least twice a day. It is also important to wash your face before bed.

2. Perhatikan their sleep patterns


Sleep patterns largely the appearance of acne in men. Try not hobby overtime because the best time for treatment starts from 22:00 hours to sleep and woke up at 5:00. In very active cells to replace dead skin cells of the skin and not rangsangaan for the formation of new skin cells. If you have symptoms of insomnia, you can ask the doctor’s advice to help you overcome this problem.

3. The use of ice cubes care

Ice cubes can help get rid of acne on the face. It can be applied on acne ice cubes every day. ice cubes can also be combined with other natural ingredients to get rid of acne in men.

4. How to remove acne with Aloe Vera

The natural ingredients are better than creams and acne medications containing chemicals. You can try using aloe or aloe vera. In addition to cheap and easy to obtain, aloe vera kasiat to rejuvenate skin cells damaged tissue. Cukuf aloe vera effectively eliminate acne scars and overcome inflammation of the skin. How to use: Use inside the aloe vera as a mask with peeling skin first. Aloe vera aloe vera used is young or medium business.

5. The application of lemon at home

The use of lemon is a way to eliminate acne naturally men, the content of the AHA ( alpha hydroxy acids) contained in the lemon is effective and safe for the skin of the face. How to remove acne with lemon: You can use lemon juice or lemon slices directly used to grease the face with acne. Perform at least 2 to 3 times a week, but bia becomes irritated because of their facial skin, including sensitive skin, discontinue use of this lemon and try to see a doctor. Lemon can also cause dry skin, so you need to wash my face until after menggoleskan lemon wet beforehand.

Likewise, tips men on how to get rid of acne in general, you can try to make this treatment in consultation with a physician if necessary especially if your skin is sensitive, it may be useful .

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