Dry traditional medicine and Diabetes Mellitus

Dry traditional medicine and Diabetes Mellitus ;

Traditional medicine for diabetes mellitus and dry. Dear reader, this time I would like to convey information on the safe use of traditional medicine for diabetics. We know that this disease is a health problem that is quite a lot to do in Indonesia. I obtained data from WHO that Indonesia is the fourth most suffer from diabetes in 2000. In that year there were approximately 8,426 million with an estimated 152% in 2030 increased, so that WHO predicts that 21 million people in Indonesia threatened the type of this disease.

Traditional Medicine And Dry Diabetes Mellitus

Traditional medicine for diabetes

Traditional medicine desire to discuss these include the use of natural ingredients derived from nature. According to some literature that treatment read natural ingredients and contains a lot safer for the body and does not cause excessive side effects compared to treatment with chemicals chemicals.

In the medical world diabetes diabetes is also known as Type I and Type II, while it is also a community familiar with the dry and wet-term diabetes. Actually, it is a distinctive type I and type II diabetes, dry and wet if you just type representation of a society in which people with diabetes mellitus usually become emaciated due to illness yng undermine the body. I would like to further clarify the types of diabetes in the next article so you can understand the symptoms and how to overcome each type, remember that each type has different characteristics, so it is also necessary to know more about than anyone anticipated.

traditional medicine for diabetes MELITUS

Back again ketopik main traditional medicine that can be used as an alternative treatment that is safe for the body. Natural materials below are effective enough to regulate blood sugar in the body. Remember that most people with diabetes mellitus / diabetes caused by excessive blood sugar levels and uncontrollable due to an interruption of insulin. As for the types of natural ingredients that can be used as an alternative medicine are:

A. Pare
Berutunglah if you become a fan of bitter melon, bitter melon is a vegetable which it is very beneficial for health, but many people do not like it because its very bitter taste. Did you know that bitter melon contains important cells whose function is to stimulate the secretion of insulin in the pancreas. Pare also actively regenerate active cells that are useful for lowering blood sugar in type 2 diabetics How to use traditional medicine as diabetes mellitus stop is actually quite easy yauit simply push into juice or blackmail. I recommend for necessary and should not over-consume bitter melon, because it can make your stomach pain / nausea.

B. Ginseng
Who says that ginseng just to add power alone? This plant is known to have many benefits for the body, so it is not one that many herbs Korea or China, they always use ginseng as the manufacture of these ingredients. ginseng itself useful for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, because it is able to help the body maintain levels of blood sugar.

C. Brotowali
Brotowali or in the scientific world is known as Tinaspora crispa is a plant that is used in the roots and stems to control the glucose content in the body. This is because brotowali has an active compound called Tinokrisposid. How to use as a traditional medicine enough to use the extract / by boiling the stems and roots using enough water Brotowali. After boiling the water can be taken to reduce the risk of diabetes. It is safe? according to the literature I’ve read, this use of the cooking water brotowali clinically proven safe for consumption because it contains harmful toxins. Research has also been carried out by King Chulalangkorn brotowali RS extracts were also used to help people with diabetes to control blood sugar.

D. Bean
There is no doubt that this plant is a natural way to reduce the risk of diabetes. Beans in fact many benefits and I like it. The compounds contained in beans insluin shown to increase insulin production, which means that if you are awake then you are a step forward to overcoming the problems of diabetes mellitus, either dry or wet / type 1 and type 2 . How enough material for vegetable seeds used, you probably want to add ingredients Another simply more does not feel heavy to consume best beans.

In addition to traditional medication for diabetes mellitus and previous dry diabetes, of course, still need to take preventive measures by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise, and do not forget to pray to the Creator to always be blessed with health and out of danger.

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