Do’nt Wrap the meat with plastic bags

Do’nt Wrap the meat with plastic bags ;

do’nt Wrap the meat with plastic bags -! Plastic bags are often used to package a variety of foods, including meat. General considerations usually because of economic value, or why the stock market is difficult to break down or disintegrate. If burned, also they produce unhealthy fumes.

What is more dangerous than it really is very plastic bags used can be toxic. Hugh Pennington, a former professor at the University of Aberdeen, said plastic bags should not be used again for wrapping raw meat or vegetables with soil still attached.

This is due to bacteria in food can easily move to other foods.
“While wrapped, keep raw meat contains bacteria that must be separated from other foods commonly consumed without cooking,” Pennington told the Daily Mail.
also added that washing with plastic bags antibacterial liquid is not enough to kill all bacteria that move from raw meat before. According to him, reusable plastic bags should not be used to wrap raw meat, but foods that are full of cans or jars.

“if you use a plastic bag to wrap raw meat, which should throw them away immediately,” Pennington said.

in a previous study by a Penn Law professor Jonathan Klick, eight percent of E. coli was found in a plastic bag used to wrap raw meat. While 97 percent of people in the UK who were asked said that plastic bags are never washed.

“Studies to determine the safety of food have shown a high percentage of plastic bags actually contain harmful bacteria,” he said.

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