Benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women

Benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women ;

This morning I would like to convey some of the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women. Perhaps among the readers are pregnant or pregnant wife, congratulations to wait always gives health and facilitate the process of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a boon for any couple to promote better family. All the preparations that had to be done while pregnant women, including the health of the matrix. health content affect the growth and development of children later. One way to maintain a healthy pregnancy is managing their healthy and balanced diet, including the selection of fruit for pregnant women. One of the pieces that can be consumed during pregnancy is the dragon fruit, you know why?

Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Pregnant Women

In previous articles I have talked about the effectiveness of dragon fruit, I suggest you read the article if you have not read. Dragon fruit / dragon fruit is a fruit that comes from the Americas. In the Americas, the fruit is best known as Pitaya. This fruit can go to Asia because business activities are conducted in ancient times, especially trade involving American countries, China and Vietnam.

The benefits of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is known to have many benefits, is dikarena dragon fruit contains a fairly complete. A dragon fruit or 100gram proportion equivalent / 2 ounces of nutrients as follows:

60 Calories
8 grams of carbohydrates
9 grams of sugar
8 g of calcium
2 grams of protein
1 gram of fiber
the nutrient content is very useful to avoid any risk of diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes prevention / diabetes and beneficial for pregnant women.

The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women

dragon fruit is one of the best fruits for pregnant women. As is the case of apple, cherry, strawberry, grape and guava, dragon fruit contains enough nutrients necessary for every pregnant woman. Here’s the explanation:

A. Carbohydrates containing sufficient

Carbohydrates are an energy source for the body, pregnant women are advised to consume at least 135 grams of carbohydrates per day. It is intended to force the mother to take her belly began to swell. The carbohydrate content of dragon fruit is enough per 100 grams of dragon fruit contains 8-15 grams of carbohydrates. Remember that excess carbohydrates are not good for the health of the body, so for example already consumes 15 krabohidrat you just added another source of carbohydrates.

B. Sources of Energy

In addition to carbohydrates, sugar is also a good source of energy if the levels are not excessive. This will be a precursor sugar glucose to be absorbed by red blood cells in positive energy. The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women of sugar derived from a small number. Remember that foods containing a lot of sugar causes gestational diabetes, for details, see page on the definition of diabetes mellitus.

C. High fiber

Fiber is a nutrient that the body needs to dissolve the dirt found in the intestines and help digestion. As I mentioned above, in each 100gram dragon fruit contains 1 gram of fiber that controls the intestine in order to improve performance.

D. Rich in folic acid content

Folic acid is a B vitamin that works for the development and metabolism of cells. This is, of course, in relation to the health of mother and baby candidates. Dragon fruit benefits for pregnant women folic acid is derived prevent and reduce the risk of birth defects in babies born prematurely. pregnant women are encouraged to consume at least 400 micrograms of folic acid per day and the good news is dragon fruit content.

E. Rich in calcium

Calcium may prevent osteoporosis, which certainly helps women who are pregnant because of the burden of increasingly severe stomach during pregnancy. The calcium content will help strengthen bones that are not easily tired and sick.

F. balanced calories

The number of calories that are not balancing both the activities of women who are pregnant circuits. When a pregnant woman then, you can not move freely, as well as women who are not pregnant. Of course, this reduces the activity burns calories, so if less activity, and most of the calories can lead to diabetes.

EASY TO USE dragon fruit for pregnant women

also can be consumed directly, you can use some variation to avoid boredom eating dragon fruit. The easiest way to consume dragon fruit is to make the juice from the fruit of the dragon. Dragon fruit mix with enough water and if necessary, add low-fat milk. You can also mix the pieces of dragon fruit cubes in their drinks.

So few benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women who can say, my hope is hoped that can undergo this process with a good healthy pregnancy for the mother and child.

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