30 more effective Home remedies to prevent hair fall naturally

30 more effective Home remedies to prevent hair fall naturally ;

30 home remedies to stop hair loss. The modern current generations are prone to rapid hair loss in their young age itself. This is due to modern hair care, which uses harmful chemicals and heating elements

. Hereditary is also another factor alopecia in men and women. However, there are many ways to stop hair loss naturally and with the assistance of medical care. The following are some simple and affordable home remedies to stop hair loss naturally.

Home remedies to stop hair loss

1. Add the green leafy vegetables is all food recipes:

Your hair requires a lot of minerals. The green leaves are an excellent source of minerals and preparing food by adding some green leaves daily compensate for its mineral deficiency.

2. Try to drink more than six liters of water daily:

Water is the elixir of life and her hair too. The leather head hair makes fleshing out the dead skin cells of the scalp or skin of the head.

3. Take daily bath with herbal shampoo to clean the scalp of the head :. By taking daily bath, you can keep your scalp healthy by removing insects and bacteria

4. Eat more protein-rich foods :. Try to avoid more foods rich in protein and carbohydrates go for food recipes

5. Consume Omega 3 essential fatty acids hair and scalp :. sea fish like tuna, salmon and sardines are rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids to prevent hair loss

6. Go herbal to stop hair loss:

The daily use of herbs for hair care can prevent hair loss naturally.

7. Avoid hair styling with the heating elements :. Do not use the hair blowers and modern hair dryer

8. Apply Oils Antifungal hair to prevent hair loss :. Neem oil, Amla oil and coconut oil is the best oil for antifungal hair, prevents dandruff

9. Eating foods rich in biotin: biotin is an essential to protect hair from damage substance. Biotin is present in seafood, almonds, carrots, nut, egg albumin and wheat.

10. Use the towel to dry your hair hairy :. use a furry bath towel after wrapping it around his head to absorb water after a bath

11. Extensive use tooth comb to prevent hair fall Use hair styling combs with wide teeth to prevent damage to the hair while combing

12 .. Massage your head a once weekly head massage can increase blood flow to the scalp and head strengthen the health of your hair

13 .. avoid frequent combing frequent hairstyle is an important case of hair loss, which can lead to partial baldness

14 .. Keep cuts freestyle hair :. Free style haircuts can prevent hair loss by not using too much hair accessories in your head

15. Keep short hair: the short hairstyles are the best option to prevent hair loss. ‘From’ very less hair, be careful.

16. Avoid styling of your hair: Do not use chemical agents for hair styling. ‘From’ frequent hair style it is the main cause of hair loss.

17. YOGA related to hair care:

There are many Yogasana, which improves blood circulation in the side of the head. For best results, do Balayam Yoga, Uttanasana, Sasangasana, Ustrasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Vajrasana, Matsyasana and daily uttanpadasana in time in the morning before lunch.

18. Physical exercise daily :. Overall physical condition is good for hair care too
19. Avoid using caps and other gear head for a long time:. caps and other halters can heat your head scalp, which is also a cause of hair loss

20. Avoid chemical based shampoo :. All chemical base shampoo can damage your hair in long use

21. Avoid using hair accessories :. preparing hair with tight hair accessories can damage the hair from the root and breaking from where it is fixed

22. Avoid taking bath in hot water :. Hot water is not good for the scalp head

23. Drink juice daily herbs:

herbal juice made of cucumber, mint leaves, onion, curry leaves and lemon can prevent hair loss.

24. Apply lemon juice once a week: Lemon juice has anti-fungal properties and are best for the scalp

25 .. Apply fenugreek Paste in summer: fenugreek has refreshing properties and can keep a cool head in the summer. It has anti-fungal properties and prevents hair breakage.

27. Use soft pillows, while the dream :. The use of soft pillows can prevent hair damage

28. Apply mesh onion in her hair :. The onion contains the necessary minerals to strengthen hair

29. Stand Up-side for ten minutes a day :. A good blood flow to the side of the head is good for healthy hair and scalp

30. Eat more fresh vegetables instead of meat vegetables have all nutrients you need your hair. It is advisable to avoid eating meat when you find hair loss often while taking bath and hairstyle.

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