20 natural home remedies for itchy skin – simple tips skin care

20 natural home remedies for itchy skin – simple tips skin care ;

The cause of itchy skin has many reasons. It will be intolerable, when there is prolonged skin itchy. The best treatment without side effects is to go natural and do some simple home remedies . Sources are in your kitchen and garden. All you need is to spend a few hours of time and applied as the description below.

natural home remedies for itchy skin

1. Apply Neem (Azadirachta Indica)

The Neem tree has full properties of skin care of humans. Take Neem leaves and mix to a paste. Apply the paste of neem in your itchy skin. You can feel the result instantly as they heal the area too.

2. Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is best for itchy skin. They have anti-fungal properties, which kills fungi that cause itchy skin. You can apply coconut oil in the area of ​​itchy skin and leave it for a while time.

3. Put lemon drops of water on skin itchy area

Lemon drops works as fighting inflammation. Not numb those affected areas within minutes. You can get immediate relief by applying lemon juice water in their areas of itchy skin.

4. Apply baking soda

The application of baking soda is better for dry skin. They give you immediate relief from itching. It is advisable to make a paste of baking soda with warm water for best results. Do not wait for a long time after application of sodium bicarbonate.
5. Apply Tulsi (basil leaf)

Tulsi leaves are best for all skin types, because they are very soft and have immediate relief from irritation. You can take bath with Tulsi Tulsi leave water or apply paste to the affected area.

6. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

simply can extract Aloe Vera gels, breaking its sheet thickness. Apply this gel on affected skin areas. They have anti-microbial such that do not heal in a few days properties.

7. Apply apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is most common in home cooking. Apply a few drops of this vinegar itchy skin. You can find immediate relief in minutes.

8. Apply fuller’s earth clay

clay Tierra del Lavador has excellent mineral essential source for all skin types. They do treat itching when applied to the affected by the shape of clay paste area.

9. Apply mint leaves

Mint leaves are good, when you feel itchy with burning sensation. These leaves have cooling properties so that better relief of itching of the skin feel.

10. Rub the banana peel skin soft pica

You can get relief from mild itching instantly by rubbing banana peel . Wash with warm water without applying any soap.

11. Rub ice cubes

You can get immediate relief from itchy skin, simply rubbing ice cubes on the affected areas . It is advisable to also take bath in ice water.

12. Apply the beeswax

Beeswax is a natural product and is best for itchy skin. This is an alternative to petroleum jelly and good to use natural wax for skin care.

13. drink more mineral water

Water is the main source to flesh out dirt and germs from your skin. ‘If’ your daily drink more water can be free from itchy skin naturally.

14. Apply honey

Honey is a natural antioxidant and has anti-microbial properties. You can apply honey directly on the skin area itchy and may feel relief within minutes.

15. Apply fresh milk

application Fresh milk is best for sensitive skin. Do moisturize the skin and get relief from itchy skin naturally.

16. Apply thyme oil

Thyme oil contains more thymol. This acts as anti septic for skin and reduce itching. They provide immediate relief from itching.

17. Drinking fresh juice rich in vitamin C

Fruits like orange, lemon, mango and Granada has a rich source of vitamin C . They are essential for skin health. By drinking fresh juice of the above fruits after every meal is taken naturally every day, you can get away from skin irritation.

18. Taking bath twice

You can avoid skin irritation in summer take bath twice a day. When the bath, germs and dirt automatically wash away, which are the main cause of itchy skin is taken.

19. Use Herbal Blend

Wash with herbal leaf, the moment feels itchy skin. You can mix mint leaves, Tulsi leaves, leaf Neem and Aloe Vera to make a mixture of herbal water. It is advisable to take a bath r rub on the affected area.

20. Apply oats

Apply oatmeal in the area of ​​itchy skin and leave for a few minutes. You can find relief from itching instantly

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